FireWorks Shopping in Jakes Fireworks

The video takes 22 minutes to get the FireWorks but Leave a 👍🏻 Comments and SUBSCRIBE
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14 Responses

  1. WhiskeyGamer ROBLOX says:

    Ain't this on bay road?

  2. SSODxStreams says:

    Which one are you at?

  3. WolfFreelandFalloutkid says:


  4. WolfFreelandFalloutkid says:

    16,000 Views OMG

  5. WolfFreelandFalloutkid says:

    I know

  6. Todd Cook says:

    you should know what your talking about before you go and look like a fag and a noob really

  7. Tokyo WiSe says:

    learn how to make your own fireworks… soon enough they are gonna make you pay for the name like LV

  8. CaliBros says:

    where is that

  9. WolfFreelandFalloutkid says:


  10. MexiKingiCon says:

    Are you new to fireworks? Lol

  11. Daaro Piro 1986 says:

    nice video,like up and please visit my channel 🙂

  12. PYRO BEAR 420 says:

    those things you wonder what they are they're called Ariel cakes depending on the size of the cake depends on the size of explosion it sends into the sky and the different effect that it will do they're very cool

  13. WolfFreelandFalloutkid says:


  14. XxFlamingS0ulxX XboxLive says:


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