Flash Mob Maroochydore Cinemas [OFFICIAL]

Flash Mob at Maroochydore Cinemas for “Chicks at the Flicks”.
Preformed by the dancers of “Hipnotik Studios” & their friends.

Special thanks to everyone who helped out on the night.

Video created by theinspiredeye.
Video Rating: / 5

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9 Responses

  1. liz margaret says:

    Straya 😉

  2. Rhiannon Van Veen says:

    Great Job that looks epik! 🙂

  3. Small Legg man says:

    my old HPE teacher at 0:06

  4. Michael Stuth says:

    That was great fun…loved it. More please.

  5. skyee williams says:

    Wow guys that was amazing GO racheal , Georgia , taeyha, Ashlee, mitchell , brayden and Zoe ! Wish I could dance like that love use

  6. Justice Maslen says:

    Freakin' amazing! Great job girls!

  7. Liv Smith says:

    Absolutely amazing! Excellent work hipnotikans!

  8. nicolioish says:

    loved it!! awesome work guys!

  9. Jordan Gerrard says:

    This video would be better if that hot usher called Jordan was in it. He is soooooo gorgeous.

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