Great Opening at Half Price Books

Half Price Books customers tell us why they enjoy the Half Price Books shopping experience. Visit to find a store near you. Sign up for our email list to get sale notices and announcements about new stores in your area.
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18 Responses

  1. Jessie Smith says:

    Used books and remainders, music, etc. Gotta love it. Real books that don't need batteries!

  2. SofaPets says:

    Went there today and bought 7 books for $14 vs 1 book at Barnes and noble for $15!

  3. XRangerPoolSqaud780 says:

    i wish my half price was as big

  4. Wikedwingster says:

    Luv this store!

  5. billy bob says:

    found a Sims 3 expansion pack for $10 🙂

  6. Colette Green says:

    I LOVE their prices!! I found some soft-cover Series of Unfortunate Events books for only $1.99.

  7. Wiimanonwheels says:

    @MsBleachFan101 its the best place to go, my manga collection has tripled haha

  8. Wiimanonwheels says:

    i go to get my manga there

  9. NuNu Perez says:


  10. Charlie Dunes says:

    I love this store chain,we got some in columbus ohio and they got the best selections in old vhs and dvd animes and comics.

  11. Luke LastName says:

    I wish there was a half price books in new jersey!

  12. Alex Cravero says:


  13. Paula Roberts says:

    We need a store in San Diego! Can we expect one soon?

  14. Jell-desu says:

    This is a awesome store to shop, I just bought 4 manga for $ 6.50 and they were in good condition. Two of them where Oh! My Goddess manga which really made me happy cause I got them for $2 each.
    On the other hand I didn't like was when I tryed to sell some magazines they wanted .79 cent for them(I had 4). So. yeah. great to buy but I don't know bout selling. ;x

  15. desertman123 says:

    I LOVE this store, I got Led Zeppelin IV, Bosten: More Than A Feelin', Kansas: Leftoverture, Survivor: Eye of the Tiger, and Van Halen: 1984 for a total of $17, LZ IV was 10 bucks

  16. MegaSlimes says:

    they do that with everything

  17. Lacie Mackintosh says:

    normally if a book is priced directly at half the customer that sold it to half price got quite a bit for that book. That means the harder it was to get that book the more they will spend to get it, and the more they must charge for it. Remember they have to pay rent, utilities, and the employees who often have degrees and are trying to support their families. Go to your local mcbookstore and try to make it out with the same books for the same price.

  18. fonzmccool says:

    Nice, they deleted a comment that spoke negatively of their company. They have the worst pricing practices I have ever seen from a brick and mortar second-hand store. I used to love their stores, but after my suggestions for fairer pricing were met with indifference several times over, I grew to loathe the company. They are everything I was taught to abhor as an ethical businessperson. The one saving grace is the clearance section. Thanks for pricing used, in-print LPs above retail price!

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