Israel-04572 – Tel Aviv Marina Lighthouse

Israel-04572 – Tel Aviv Marina Lighthouse
Trump petition
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Tel Aviv Marina Breakwater and lighthouse. The light is a current aid to navigation and has a green light that flashes every 20 seconds. The focal plane of the light above sea level is 10 meters (33ft).
Watching the President of the USA give a speech is the most painful thing I thing anyone can watch. USA use to be a leader, now it is a country that people are trying to figure out what they stand for and what can other countries rely on from them! I think maybe he has to ask Putin what to do next.

The Trump Winery, owned by Donald Trump’s son Eric, has sought to get more foreign workers to plant and harvest grapes this spring, a petition posted by the Department of Labor on Thursday stated. This comes after Trump, throughout his campaign trail, vowed to save American jobs and blamed immigrants for the job scene in the U.S.

Some of my friends have sold property in Florida and other have started planning trips to other countries down south for next winter.

Girl Guides and Toronto schools who would normally take field trips to the USA have now stopped all these trips.

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