Jamie Bochert and Zac Posen

from an A&E special “The Real Skinny” in 2003
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17 Responses

  1. permanent0midnight says:

    Jamie rocks!

  2. Victoria V says:

    Why she doesn't wear a bra? By the way who picked those people to chose models? That Italian guys is a designer??? 😀 I thought he was like some 16 years old. And I think "why is he there?"

  3. jabaris says:

    This is the only control these trolls have ,Eva looks cheap never and Jamie had what it took Karl thought so

  4. BebeLush2 says:

    I love Jamie. She's so naturally beautiful.

  5. ILIUSCOV says:

    Bet they are eating there words after seeing Jamie became a favourite Chanel model

  6. SIXT says:

    Jamie looks great here. She has lost so much weight now…

  7. Ricardo Hernandez says:

    Eva looks cheap? Gurl, you don't look so classy yourself slobbering all over a lollipop while you're working. Undone hair, no makeup, & your attire! You work for a designer! The nerve of some of these bitches..lol

  8. Krystal Harwood says:

    i mean 21

  9. Krystal Harwood says:

    that cute mop of hair…he was 12 yrs old there, right?

  10. B Sed says:

    Wow, she is super confident.

    That second dress she wore (the one he had her try on) is super adorable.

  11. covielloclown says:

    Jamie has something most models don't-razor sharp intelligence. She is also a superbly talented musician. Even in this clip of her starting out, you can sense her self possession and confidence. Love this girl.

  12. Danas855 says:

    full episode anyone?

  13. FrenchBunny says:

    Can anyone upload the entire documentry

  14. 0dour says:

    Could someone u[pload this pls?

  15. catwalkwhore says:

    4:03 Liya!

  16. Allan Gradus says:

    i would never guess from her walk that she was a dancer

  17. Minka 123 says:

    Do you have the full episode or special?

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