Jeremy Corbyn: the Labour leader answers your questions

Jeremy Corbyn: the Labour leader answers your questions

With only days to go to the General Election, we put your questions to the man who might just be the next Prime Minister
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20 Responses

  1. Dill Carver says:

    He is Jimmy Saville with a slightly improved haircut.
    The Child Catcher of Glastonbury.

  2. Falconhoof says:

    This islamist, globalist liar will be the downfall of our civilization.

  3. don uyeda says:

    Sorry guys, wish you all could carry weapons like the U.S. , when injustice hit here we will the people will rise to place this country in sinc

  4. varthdaemon says:

    he is crooked as fuck!!!

  5. Tobi Toes says:

    If corby ever retires he ought to do a podcast or a radio show, what a lovely speaking voice

  6. Cave Mould says:

    I read the polls, they all say tories. I read the papers, they all say "Tories will definitely win." I read the youtube comments, and they are all "vote for jeremy corbyn" (+200 likes) . This is why I am saying Corbyn will win.

  7. DreamWeaver says:

    Where's the money coming from?

  8. DreamWeaver says:

    Jeremy, why the hell should anyone trust you after you kept Dianne Abbott in your Shadow Cabinet?To close, a statement:The youth in this once great nation are fools that just want money for nothing.

  9. Finn P says:

    3:10 square head

  10. KuruContinuum says:

    Jeremy, you are the most progressive politician since the post war labour government that set up the welfare state, in my opinion. Noam Chomsky, the worlds greatest living intellectual backs you and as do I. I do believe your success will divide the nation in one way, however, and that is that the racist, mysogenistic, fascist right wing Nazi's will despise your politics of peace, sanity, rationality and empathy. Hopefully during the course of your government the conditions that spawn such cretins will ammelorate as social mobility improves and there is fairer representation within positions of power. I am thrilled that you have an empathic approach, one that does not condone senseless violence and division. You have opened up a possibility for change, and I look forward to seeing the Tory's crumble in the light of day like the vampires they are! Take care, and thank you.

  11. FrostySumo says:

    That first question is eerily relevant today.

  12. Templar Knight says:


  13. phatte says:

    Dude likes Joan Armatrading. Points scored.

  14. Sin says:

    how any one can vote anything other then ukip after this week is beyond me ,you must all be tucked away safe in the country side

  15. Mustafa Mohammed says:

    I changed my mind on you Mr !!! I'm going to be voting Labour all the way. I haven't voted in 20 years but will be voting Labour. Come on fuck the Tories who have done fuck all apart from help the rich get richer and the corporations pay nothing in Taxes. This smart man answers all the the questions.

  16. Siva Nava says:

    He is an excellent executor from the creator so we are the servitor of this Divine person who has been experiencing cruel extremism against him and badly exhausted.
    (Why you fear when we are hear ? )
    God bless you.

  17. ThisUserName15Taken says:

    The level of ignorance is shocking. Labour will destroy the economy. Small businesses will be reluctant to hire under Corbyn with the £10 minimum wage, leading to less jobs and worse economy. Big businesses will be encouraged to trade elsewhere. Unfortunately socialism, while noble in an ideal world, is flawed. It leads to less freedom and more inequality in the long run. Capitalism works because for someone to get rich they have to create something that is competitively priced and worth having. In the process it makes the rich man benefit as well as the poor man through creating jobs. Is it fair for a rich man that has been grafting every day to make a good income deserve the same as someone that has taken an easy path. Of course we still need empathy and compassion in society and the wealthy should help where ever they can but it should not be legislated by the government, time and again history proves this.

  18. Jayloc says:

    Corbyn has a soft spot for Mala, awesome!

  19. estebancomulet says:

    Lol love how he admits having a soft spot for Mahler. No one likes Mahler!

  20. jollyscarecrow says:

    I think every migrant he imports should go live with the middle class cunts that voted for him. Everyone that votes for this ideologue is destroying the lives of the working class that have to put up with this shit. Everything he stands for DOESNT WORK. Not even in theory, in practice!! Just look at Germany, Sweden.. for fuck sake.

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