John Mayer Greatest Hits Collection HD HQ

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  1. Carla Souza says:


  2. philip mazonson says:

    sound like martin sexton much…that's a compliment, the dude shreds with Dead & Co. but this solo stuff , not so much. NFA!

  3. SharBaby Newport says:

    "Daughter!!!!" Oh so Lovely 😊!!!!!

  4. SharBaby Newport says:

    The song "Waiting On The World 🌎 To Change " is so touching & True!!!! Sing 🎶 it John!!!!

  5. SharBaby Newport says:

    John Mayer is a Phenomenal Guitar 🎸 Player & Singer!!!!! I love ❤️ his style!!! Very Original!!!!!

  6. ODannyJr says:

    He's A Monster Guitar Player

  7. Erica Yeglic says:

    Listen at 1.5x speed for an instant John Mayer dance mix.

  8. bean johnny says:

    John Mayer is a faggy ol bitch. No question about it. FOB.

  9. Bil Carter says:

    I just ran into John Mayer in Albertson's Supermarket in Livingston, Montana last week. He was wearing a big cowboy hat, baggy pants and holding a personal watermelon. True story.

  10. TOPSHELFMN says:

    Thank you thank you thank you

  11. Lyndon Freeman says:

    I wanna see what u can do with zeppelin. gotta whole lots luv

  12. Gordon Olmstead says:

    you know folks the gritty edge version that if you are a real person, you can actually handle of "edge of desire" should stay! right, Grant Thorton!~!? Say Qua~! ??? DuH! All The best too John Mayer! Whoot Whoot. Pina Train!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Gordon Edward

  13. Danielle Cardoso says:


  14. Kerry Sauve says:

    Yeh, i agree that Edge of Desire was horrible. It didnt even sound good!!!

  15. gelay bonifacio says:

    i love you John Mayer love your songs so much..

  16. Deborah Howe says:

    Each time I hear this album it truly is a classic for the future!!

  17. 123ThisIsMe says:

    Great career

  18. airene arancis says:

    i love you man !!!!!!!!!!!! 😍

  19. Josh Jackson says:

    If you guys like John, you'll for sure love Joe Jenneman. Check him out!

  20. Will Murrin says:

    What if Edge of Desire was the uploader doing a vocal cover and here we all are trashing him for it.

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