Katelyn Nicole Davis – Crying (Full)

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  1. Mandy Grove says:

    Wow. This poor girl was crying for help… God bless her soul.

  2. Angela Burgos says:

    there is no mental disrder to blame here there is only a piece of shit mother to blame! Let that bitch come to me I'll fuck her up

  3. Jingy Sloan says:

    this beautiful innocent young child had so much to live for if she couldve been protected … youre with our Heavenly Father. now babe. fly higher than an eagle

  4. Alan Akins says:

    The family was outraged over their daughter's suicide being shared worldwide. The irony is the ultimate person to blame for that is the one who's dead. I find her adorable but Katelyn's the one who decided to film her own death.

  5. Liandra Marchi says:

    nossa eu queria tanto estar la para dar ums abraços e conselhos é uma pena (acho que fui a unica que escrevi um comentario português kk)

  6. Its Helenasweet Heli_UNICORN says:

    what happened

  7. Jon Snow says:

    Some parents don't deserve to have kids they need to take kids if their mentally ready and not just absolute Cunt's to their kids. My own mother made me cry many many times when I was between ages of 12 and 22 she would insult me out me down control me just treated me like shit her parents need to be fucking locked up her druggy mother and pedo step father

  8. Butterfly 54 zapata - o'neal-hardin says:

    Omg! I can't believe the living hell this beautiful young girl had endured. And not a soul to love on her and ask what they could do to help ease her pain. I am a mother of 3 and raised a couple more total 5 children. When you're a mother that is first and foremost your job. Not catering to some man afraid you won't get any no more. I had my fair share of ups and downs with my kids but never did I or would I ignore a child that was acting like she was. How could anyone that saw or knew her not see the pain in those eyes? I will never forget you, sweet angel, I really wish you didn't feel that death was better.And that your so called mom would have at least stopped you and hugged you and said I love you and I am here for you. I am forever more changed. Rest now no more pain. 🙁

  9. jeepwoman64 says:

    Huge welt on her forehead. Must've been put there out of love like how her mother claimed to have loved her. If thats what they call love then I would love to love her mother and stepfather. A WHOLE LOTTA LOVE.

  10. Einfach Bella says:

    no pls

  11. snow kone says:

    all humans need to die this is proof we bring nothing but pain

  12. Alojz S says:


  13. Alica kawaii 364 says:

    pobre chica 😭era tan linda que triste que sufriera tanto ahora esa chica a de estar feliz donde ella este le deseo lo mejor

  14. VennaN says:

    I feel so damn bad watching this video and crying to this and massively with other videos, feeling that I'm alone, I'm posting on the internet nowadays but everything feels different, feels like I've been left outside, before I had friends Which I used to be with but feel like my friends exhausted in any way you used to be always late, or if I would even say a word that was not even okay for my two friends, they took their belts and hit me without me Doing something, they force me to be with them, though they are boring and just tune me, I have very few friends, and I have a hangover with my family, now they just watch their TV shows and go somewhere Just to talk late home after an hour which is so sad that I'm actually home almost every day, nobody responds to what I look like, everyone thinks I'm something different, which I am, I'm not like Others, and my family, but not so much now everything has changed, I had wanted something except that I would have lived my life in Sweden so, if I could have known this person, I would have wanted her alive forever .

  15. TheOfficialLogan Paul says:

    Ugh I hate the fact that I love her eye color omg.

  16. Nick Alfoldi says:

    I hope now she is in a better place. Rip Katelyn

  17. Erin Lippitt says:

    I remember the pain of being hurt and having no one to talk to, no one who cared to ask what's wrong, and just going to a quiet place to cry my eyes out until my head hurt and my eyes were red. Questioning my existence. Not being able to speak my mind or say anything back to the abuser, keeping in all my thoughts for years, and when you do finally get to speak, you're mocked for how weak you are. I'll NEVER treat my kids the way I was treated. It still hurts. I got away, but it hurts and this video brings back so many bad memories. I cry for everyone who has gone through the mental abuse that I did. Having no one is the absolute worst thing in the world and I'll never wish it upon anybody. Rest in peace child, you had the courage to do something I couldn't bring myself to do, but I wish you'd waited a few years to escape just like I did.

  18. Isabel Rose says:

    katelyn went to my school she was so kind and so beautiful r.i.p dolly we love you and miss you 💔

  19. SGWTYLER says:

    Poor angel. She's in a better place now. I want to hug her, this is so sad. I watched the suicide video and i broke down in tears, especially how you could hear someone yelling out her name after she was already gone from this world. It's so sad. Whoever made her feel this way, I hope they get what they deserve. This is so sad

  20. Sup Dawg says:

    I just found out about this story today and I'm so fucking heart broken. I am as non religious as it gets but i pray to whatever fucking beings are out there to help her reach a good place.

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