Kevin Love Full Series Highlights vs Celtics in 2017 ECF – 22.6 PPG, 12.4 RPG, 1 BPG!

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20 Responses

  1. Stickman Basketball SBA says:

    does kevin LOVE basketball? lol that joke made me laugh

  2. Doctor Doom says:

    If KL shoots and def this well, Warriors will be in for a long night.

  3. lphjustin says:

    Remember when people said the Cavs should trade Love earlier before? Now he's making a big difference for the Cavs. Hopefully he will continue to play good in the Finals. I want to see him come back from that mediocre performance in last year's Finals.

  4. HlddenTalent says:

    He's played well in the playoffs much better than last. Hopefully he takes this attitude to the final

  5. Tyrese says:

    Kevin Hate > Anthony Davis

  6. Aik Q8 says:

    give him the credit that he deserves

  7. Gaiusx2 says:

    Left JR hanging at 3:29 😂

  8. Anthony Ha says:

    Expect his defense to step up in the Finals.

  9. Patrick C says:

    He's prepared and ready warriors be scared for this man to bully draymond and Zaza for rebounds

  10. Imfamous Minded says:


  11. Paradite says:

    Second best player on the Cavs.

  12. #CiscoVibe #KillerFrost says:

    Love plays better this year.

  13. Chefsteph for 3 says:

    he gonna be forced to play defense and he's not gonna get a bunch of open lools like he did this series

  14. Jordan Hinkle says:

    He shot 53% from three this series. I think he'll play a lot better then he did last finals.

  15. Fateh Fini says:

    Love is gonna be the biggest X factor for the cavs to win against the Warriors

  16. ibra vebra says:

    and playing soft against The warriors

  17. Wolves bandwagon fan since 1998 says:

    Balled his ass off in this series. Hopefully he does the same in the Finals.

  18. Alyssa Davis says:


  19. Solomon Kessington says:

    We let Love bully us smh. But he better be doing this against Draymond

  20. Brook Lin says:

    Coach Godwin > any leaveland lavaliers player

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