Kung Fu Panda Oogway and Shifu Talk about Po/Oogway’s Death

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20 Responses

  1. Batman Lego says:

    I cried at the soundtrack

  2. Kid brain genius Know it all says:

    Why did oogway have to go he was my fav route

  3. Sulav Regmi says:

    how to download kung fu panda full movie

  4. 666xSlenderx666 says:

    "You must believe"
    Me: OH OKAY * Believes he will get fidget spinner after a week *
    Week later

  5. Dennis Cortezjr says:

    if only we could die as peaceful as that.

  6. keoni _ says:

    My goal is to reach Oogway's level of wiseness and spirituality ❤

  7. Alexander Ip says:

    0:42 What Zeng could have said is this

    This is a *Defensive Preparation Condition Code 1 Emergency order issued on behalf of the late Commander Vachir,

    Emergency Bulletin: Mass Breakout Alert from Chorh-Gom Prison, Be on the look out for Escaped Inmate Tai Lung Last seen leaving the prison complex making his way to the valley of peace.
    All reinforcement units (Particularly the members of Furious 5 and Newcomer Po) must finish training within the timeframe and immediately report to duty

    I Publicly repeat…Defensive Preparation Condition Code 1 Emergency order is now in force.

    All reinforcements must complete training within the mustered time and report to duty… Defensive Preparation Condition 1 Emergency in Force…

    *DEFCON [1] Which doesn't exist until centuries later

  8. Tea Tea says:

    What how exactly did he die? Who killed him? WTF is going on?

  9. DarkSkulker says:

    How can you call that death?

  10. The Eggroll says:

    Shifu…..there is just news, there is no good or bad

    Master, Your vision was right Tai Lung has broken out of prison, he's on his way

    ………..That is bad news


  11. Chris Martin says:

    He only left to show Shifu the truth to help him believe in himself and in the Dragon Warrior because he already knew the Dragon Warrior would defeat Tai Lung

  12. Kezito says:

    0:18 who ever is making that fabbing sound quite it down

  13. Thylacinetiger says:

    Shifu: "A peach cannot defeat Tai Lung!" XD

  14. Grigory Fazz says:

    Oogway reminds me of Yoda

  15. DaveDexterMusic says:

    God damn, at least let the music resolve before cutting the clip.

  16. Pinky, The Princess says:

    How did master oogway die? He went to the spirit realm

  17. Tigerguy 101 says:

    Tai Lung has broken out of prison!

    That is bad news

  18. Nicky Mchedlishvili says:

    Oogway is the most wisest character I've known more than any character I've ever heard of. Oogway was my favorite character in Kung Fu panda because of his wisdom and personality.

  19. Alex Mitra says:

    Lol, this dude totally ripped off Yoda

  20. Song Daniel says:

    Fun fact: shifu means master in Chinese, so Master Shifu's real name is master master

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