LA Galaxy Vs Manchester United 2-5 – All Goals & Match Highlights – July 15 2017 – [HD]

Los Angeles Galaxy 2-5 Man Utd

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14 Responses

  1. L V says:

    andreas pereira…. please jose have a faith in him

  2. AAB Bucks says:

    What i love about rashford, hes cool, calm and collective, even after hes scored, no crazy celebrations or anything loke that.

  3. Betty Walker says:

    amаzing video! Guys plеase ratе mу hot vidеo оn mу channеl. Whо likеd this vidеo, сlick "likе" *)

  4. Dan R6 says:

    I wouldn't take this as what to expect next season la galaxy are sloppy and can't play football

  5. Oscar Badby says:

    oh and that chelsea cunt i bet he doesnt even know where stamford bridge is the fuckin little rent boy

  6. Oscar Badby says:

    what a team what a club to support with its rich history and class over the years thats why people all over the world flock to watch them its a drug ney a religion MUFC till i die

  7. Andrew Lyons says:

    Rashford is a good player, even from first goal his composure and way he took it shows that nothing really fazes him. People also forget he's still very young and is learning, he's only going to get better bar injuries or having his head turned outside the game

  8. The Mouse Catcher says:

    Could of easily been 10-0 to Utd but their finishing was poor again…

  9. thufayal hoque says:

    lol lukaku that donkey

  10. Looga says:

    Wenger out sign in the crowd 5:48

  11. Abonne toi pas Stp says:

    What a pass by Pogba.

  12. Ali Al-Amoudy says:

    hala united

  13. MoTivexMuSiC says:

    Can't wait for Man Uniteds season to start

  14. Jake The Snake says:

    wow…100 mil and not even a sniff at goal. what a bust

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