LeBron James’ 2003 Summer League Highlights

LeBron James' 2003 Summer League Highlights

Relive LeBron James putting his skills on display at the 2003 NBA Summer League!

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20 Responses

  1. bruh, says:

    I don't think people realize the amount of, not only physical maturity, but mental maturity as well that was necessary to do what he did. when I was 18, I was basically still 15 or 16 mentally. this dude carried himself like a grown man from the age of 16

  2. Christian Roberts says:


  3. DOC says:

    I've been looking for this for so long

  4. Imperfect Aaron says:

    Isn't he playing overseas?? Wonder what happened to this guy….

  5. Jiri Pirinen says:

    He is 19 here. Fuck he was a big teenager!

  6. Jalen Thompson says:

    Damn, he just finished playing high school ball

  7. Sports Central says:

    Hail The King

  8. thegame1881 says:

    How the hell was he built like that at 17??

  9. Abdullah Camra says:

    I'm back in 2003 and asking myself if this guy is going to be good

  10. lahloo says:

    This Lebron was more fun to watch. Now he's just annoying and overdoing it.

  11. Genus Tinca says:

    It seems to me that when Lebron was younger, his handles and shooting were better. Just more smooth.

  12. Hunter Kaio says:

    Look, it's the GOAT Zaza at :11

  13. isi clump says:


  14. Copy Right says:

    he is rookie in this time right?

  15. tommi luomala says:

    1werry jest 2 joichel mardon 2 jebron lames 4 rekaam jabul abbar 5broke kyant 6 bavar lol

  16. tommi luomala says:

    this guy wont have great career..i say he plays average rookie season and couple years every one forgets him..32pick buddy fuller will be greatest steal in 03 draft

  17. Nynee May says:

    at this time he plays like an athletic pure Point God

  18. Teal Mamba says:

    They ruined brons real legacy by not leaving him at PG, imagine how that would have changed the league, everyone would've been trying to get a 6'6+ PG to match him, everyone on the court 6'7 and above, basically what the Bucks are after. NO team would have had the horses to match up in that situation perfectly.

  19. james barter says:

    That was Dwade at 1:50

  20. IBALLRIGHT says:

    His form looked better back then

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