Lonzo Ball – Triple Double – Full Highlights | Lakers vs Cavs | July 13, 2017 | NBA Summer League

Lonzo Ball – 16 Pts, 12 Asts & 10 Rebs vs Cavaliers

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20 Responses

  1. Real Ximo Pierto says:

    Full Game Highlights : https://youtu.be/QQpfNAIPFbg

  2. Chris Lindsey says:

    what kind of pussy shit was that shove at the end?

  3. Elias says:

    Lonzo Ball. GOAT.

  4. Fullmetal says:

    Its not an assist if the player the making the basket dribbles more the once…..

  5. Jezeus says:

    5:38 lol awkward. some of his teammates are insecure with him.

  6. omer loya says:

    lonzos jumpshot makes me want to cut the carpet and mop the grass

  7. EatDat Pussie says:

    "Balls penetrated" 4:40

  8. Ethan Chavez says:

    @4:45 "ball's penetrated"lmao

  9. Oxxy MC says:

    doesn't matter if he wins ROTY he will still be the best player in the draft

  10. R8t10 Music says:

    Just because Lonzo's shot is different doesn't mean its bad.

  11. howlbeast says:

    They already look good they need time to become greater .. yo Kuzma is a dope player & most players shoot 3s oh snap

  12. oscar barbosa says:

    Lakers are making the playoffs this guy is better than Steph curry lavar ball was right all along

  13. Will Travis says:

    if lonzo find his way to the warriors ……

  14. Lomanjalo says:

    Looks like rondo is coming off the bench

  15. alTreezy! アル トリージー!! says:

    his turnovers and shot form is his only weakness so far, the kid has an amazing court awareness… nobody can deny that… gonna be fun to watch… that chest shot is ugly as fuck tho, isnt gonna cut it in the real league, its cringe worthy…

  16. Manga production24 says:

    You see!!! This guy is wayyyy better than Dangelo Russell

  17. Perfect I said Perfect. says:

    A lot of you don't get it. He is a genius he is shopping for shoe company deals. Where's Nike one game Adidas in another and gets a triple double in both. They are both going to offer huge contracts he will wear Jordan's or Lebrons next.

  18. Danish Nadir says:

    Superstar in the making.

  19. Kyrie Yurih says:

    this is a summer league

  20. Light Iverson says:

    Everyone bouta get drafted to the lakers in 2k now

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