Meet Your 2017 KCS Winners!! | Kids’ Choice Sports | Nick

Check out all the winners at 2017 Kids’ Choice Sports, including Steph Curry, Simone Biles, Kevin Durant, and more! Did your favorite athlete go home with a blimp?

#KidsChoiceSports #KCS2017

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20 Responses

  1. AAM 4 says:

    this year sucked

  2. AAM 4 says:

    Where's Derek Carr

  3. Gavin Hoffman says:

    Why is Brady not up there

  4. Kiki Burden says:

    How did curry wino very LeBron iam done see I told people rigged #iam done nickelodeon

  5. Bacon Gaming says:


  6. Sebastian Gonzalez says:

    how does kd gets sickest moves

  7. PilotMC says:

    Lets go warriors! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  8. Alex Hoebeke says:

    Are you kidding me? CURRY? Once again the votes are rigged

  9. iiDankMeme says:

    why did the snake get an award

  10. Trelissa 0777 says:

    Usan won aàaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Usan bolt

  11. Cvita Vranjes says:


  12. RoyaleLavaHound says:

    I have an Idea for an episode of SpongeBob;
    Spongebob, Squidward and Mr.Krabs are flying to Mars to try to give to aliens a krabby patty, but squidward remember the green aliens who ate him before…. and the action is begin!

  13. laylamyers1213 says:

    Each person that I voted for won an award especially  Steph curry, Simone biles,  Serena Williams, and Odell

  14. Rafa_ProjectPokemon says:

    Kd should of won the snake award🐍🐍🐍

  15. c says:

    Simones fav female athlete but lauries a newcomer? And how did that come about lol

  16. Daylon White says:

    I'm a warriors fan and all,but how rd Kd win sickest moves?Kyrie should have won TBH

  17. mr misterguy12 says:

    can u upload the slime shuffle and the music plz

  18. the HIPPO says:

    how did king of swag go to Russell wilson

  19. Lpscoolgirl567 Cool says:

    Yo I'm early

  20. 미러브에 tube says:

    very cool!!

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