Melissa McCarthy is The People’s Choice for “Favorite Comedic Movie Actress”

Melissa McCarthy accepts her award for “Favorite Comedic Movie Actress” at the 2017 People’s Choice Awards
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19 Responses

  1. Aussie Bush queen says:

    The fat assed bitch isn't even funny she makes me sick with her big cod gobbling mouth on her the Kunt,wannabe Rosie odonnell elephant ass looking tucker waster go have a cream bun bitch Fuken fat fuk can't act for shit she ruined ghostbusters the Kunt Lol

  2. Ultraviolence says:

    I love this woman. And all of her films. She's an incredible actress.

  3. Leslie Hdz says:

    se lo mereseee

  4. humility1st says:

    Gosh I didn't really know her until her BRILLIANT sean spicer podium scene.I LOVE you Melissa McCarthy!

  5. Alyssa Hargreaves says:

    when she mentioned Kendrick 😃😍😘

  6. Video Guy says:

    eww…whatever she was before, she's turned in to whatever paul feig is now. paul feig jr. a shame she keeps on getting work. seems like a hateful individual.

  7. Billion delion says:

    I love her!!!!!!!!!!! so much!!!!!!!

  8. Dana C says:

    We love you, Melissa! Your speech was brilliant and fantastic even if it went over much of the audience's heads, lol!

  9. Mayra PS says:

    She is so AMAZING!

  10. maria papadopoulos says:

    who doesnt love her

  11. SwaggerChiick1 says:

    LOVE HER!!!

  12. Carlos Cabascango Sanchez says:

    I love her so much!

  13. Bad Boy says:

    Wats funny abt her movies… ??? Its 2 hr loss of life… Give it back.. 😈😈😈 #GhostBusters

  14. Time Relaxing says:

    Melissa McCarthy

  15. sasha mata says:


  16. VONI BABY says:

    I love her lol

  17. Rabecca Henderson says:

    I 💖 her

  18. brittany rietz says:

    I just love her

  19. Annette Vaughn says:

    Another of my favs. Although she does seem to be on a fast track to letting her fame go to her head. She seems to be falling more and more into Hollywoods unrealistic standards. One of the things that made her funny is being herself..being a big girl and owning it. But that seems to be the sadness of that place. A person becomes famous being who they are and then end up morphing into someone the exact opposite of who they were when they got the fans attention. NO ONE CARES IF YOUR A SIZE 2, 0 or 18. Can you make me believe your someone else for an hour and a half. Not your clothe size. Not who your dating or wearing. Don't offer up a real person who is relatable and then kill them off just to become a curiosity.

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