Miss Universe 2015 full show 720p

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20 Responses

  1. Kimberly Heaton says:

    Does anyone know if the contestants were walking through actual water? Or was it a Transparent screen that had a animated graphic of the falling water effect, during the swimsuit competition?

  2. Chris Aceron says:

    "I am confidently beautiful with a heart"..best answer ever -Philippines

  3. Julio Santiago says:

    Miss mexico feo diseño de vestido peinado mal maquillaje mal cero pasarela mi reina te enseño a modelar mm no que pésimo gusto el tuyo Wendy oo Lupita en fin mal

  4. Myla Izaman says:

    music at 55 ?

  5. Fatty Marie says:

    I keep wathing this show because Pia was the winner 😍

  6. Bella Glez Mtz says:

    lo dire siempre debio ser miss colombia

  7. Colin phuchand says:

    will they do another Miss Universe. Or are they going to skip and Have 2018 . Cause I am hoping that they do another won. for 2017. It was confusing 2016/2017

  8. Pentagram Of Doom says:

    2:06:50 is the time that we've been waiting.

  9. Luis Izquierdo says:

    Steve Harvey so hugly to be on tv shows……

  10. Luis Izquierdo says:

    Steve Harvey, not necesary in this kind of shows……he is a Donald trump ass kisser….not funny anymore…

  11. Jessica says:

    pia deserved
    she was prettier from the heart and soul and face and body

  12. Eguchi says:

    Poor Colombia

  13. Gimme Some salsa says:

    I bet there are still butthurt Colombians here lmao even tho that was a year ago lol

  14. Hector Acevedo says:

    como se llama la primera cancion

  15. Pandicornio Bipolar says:

    miss cuca abierta, miss cuca ma' grande.

  16. Robert Nicacio says:

    Injustiçaa! tirarão o titulo da Miss Brazil

  17. Eduardo says:


  18. Rodrigo Estrada says:

    The Colombia intermitor changed ALL she said

  19. Jaz Harper says:

    Wanted to see this. I am reading Mr. Harvey's new book "Jump" which mentioned his mistake. I applaud him for doing the right thing. Horrible mistake, nevertheless, he took responsbility

  20. Jeff Appel says:

    It seems that in 2016 we'll have the usual ones: USA, Venezuela, Philippines, Colombia, Mexico, Thailand, France, Australia, Indonesia, Brazil … although some of them really deserve to be in the top 12.

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