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  1. keyana caldwell says:

    They both have thane same ingredients the nadinola have a higher percentage

  2. DocMc Stuffins says:

    Nadinola changed color because you left the jar open.

  3. MyAssefa says:

    This Cream Nadinola contains "Hydrocone" that can cause cancer and Thats why it's band from Europe

  4. Danielle LastQueen says:

    Ambi does the same thing

  5. ElectricHelloKitty says:

    Nadional helps me. Every cream that has hydroquinone eventually tans or browns with oxidation. It happens after 3 months after opening or earlier if you don't close it tight enough every time. And nadinola warns you of this right on the box.

    And the bad smell is actual natural smell of hydroquinone (most hydroquinone creams are 1-2% so the smell is much more mild and doesn't oxidize as quickly. Oxygen corrupts and weakens the product). I recommend storing it in a zip plastic bag if you aren't sure you are closing it tight enough.

    most people just don't use high percent (3-4%) hydroquinone creams properly.

    I think the only thing crappy about nadinola is the packaging. 🙁 . Anything in a tub/jar form will oxidize quicker than a tube form.

    Just my inference: If nadinola darkened your spots or made new ones it's most likely that you didn't follow the warning that when using hydroquinone products you should also put on high spf (30+) sunblock afterwards and throughout the day since high percent hydroquinone will make your skin more sensitive to UV light. It warns of the need to apply a seperate sunscreen right on the box.

    Also it warns right on the box that you should consult a health care professional if you're pregnant or breast feeding…😨 i hope in the very least you heeded that warning

  6. Carlisle 662 says:

    wtf is that😂😂😂😂

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