Philipp Plein | Spring Summer 2018 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

Philipp Plein | Spring Summer 2018 by Philipp Plein | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video/1080p – Menswear Collection – MFW/Milan Fashion Week)

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20 Responses

  1. Neil Crawford says:

    what a disaster this collection is…..

  2. Yt Viewer says:

    Wtf is this Christian audigier early 2000s?? 😂

  3. John James says:

    A ratchet version of D'Squared + D&G + Guess = Identity Crisis = Philipp Plein.

  4. Skydiving Ice says:

    School shooter design

  5. Jose Gordon says:

    music the one

  6. ALEX Jime says:

    I like it

  7. MOCOOL says:

    the 80s are back and im here for it


    the bestest show

  9. miley Cyrus Malibu says:

    THIS IS A DISASTER!!! and why cigarettes aka cancer sticks in your show???😕😕😕

  10. David Kuiken says:

    it is a show or a circus?

  11. VICTOR CUJAR says:

    why smoke? It is not cool!!!

  12. Tim Kruse says:

    Dmx songs at a fashion show lol wow

  13. Benita Mussolini says:

    I like the greaser hair …if they keep it slickly 50s it would of been nice…the slit in jeans is over done. the sequins remind me of the cheesy ed hardy thing

  14. CR7 Theatre says:

    Amazing Style

  15. Detlef Feucht says:

    successor of ed hardy shit
    in ten years you buy this shit in any discounter

  16. Phil Be says:

    is it even legal to show something like that as a "fasion show"?

  17. Brandie Lehayan says:

    Olivia newton-john is not there, pity

  18. kirbysomething says:

    the girls at 2:18 and 2:24 looked so good but why were they all smoking? is it part of the aesthetic or..

  19. mrblf652 says:

    I wanna know who is buying these tacky clothes????

  20. Hardmike06 says:


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