Record Exchange In St. Louis

Hey vinyl lovers. I thought I would share this. This one of the stores that is a about a two hour drive from my house. I drove to St. Louis today for a record show and stopped by here afterwards. Just thought I would share this great store with you.

The store is kind of in the shape of an “L”. The 45rpm room upstairs was closed off. Not sure why.

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20 Responses

  1. John Cooper says:

    nice to see LPs again.

  2. mrhoffame says:

    I thnk they have an ebay store under their name.

  3. OldRadioAl says:

    They won't let you link it, of course, but, if you go to recordexchangestl website, under about, it tells you. I lived in South St. Louis back when it was still a library. Regardless, it's a great record store, I'm glad you put this video up.

  4. mrhoffame says:

    I thought it was an old court house?

  5. OldRadioAl says:

    This is an old library building. Up those stairs, there is a room just full of 45's, all categorized.

  6. The1970sInfatuate says:

    Man, I need to go there, even though I can't. I bet this is the only record store in the world that's this massive and that sells everything possible.

  7. mrhoffame says:

    Yeah. They have about 4 or 5 milk crates full.

  8. The1970sInfatuate says:

    Does this place sell 8-track tapes? It looks huge enough to carry anything.

  9. The1970sInfatuate says:

    MASSIVE STORE! Wish I had a record store that huge by my place. The ones nearby are tiny.

  10. Livingdeadgirll says:

    oh.. wow.. this is a music lovers porn right here! this is a fantastic store! love the decorating too! i would do almost anything to work here, however if that were the case i wouldnt be able to keep a peny of my pay cheque because it would all go to the stuff i found here!

  11. mrhoffame says:

    @LongLostLPMan The R&B section is pretty good but there is another store nearby called Vintage Vinyl that has a much better R&B section. I have always said that this store is the home of the $6-$15 rock/R&B lps. They have tons of those $10 lps you just can't seem to find for the past 2 years lol. The other two stores in the area seem to have more rare stuff and new vinyl. For about 4 months this guy had so much overstock that he had everything in the store 50% off! I stocked up lol!

  12. mrhoffame says:

    @Kiwizig ROADTRIP LOL!

  13. stringchild1 says:

    @mrhoffame Strangely enough. I've never been to a concert up here. My oldest teen just saw Ozzy up here on Valentine's Day. Was it at The Mark or what is now the I Wireless Center? The last great concert I went to was in St. Louis at The Pageant which is about a block or so down the street from Vintage Vinyl. Got my Wrath Lamb Of God LP signed at the store and saw them headline ; Municipal Waste, As I Lay Dying, God Forbid, Children Of Bodom. It was Badass.

  14. Kiwizig says:

    Looks like you could spend hours in that shop!! There are no record shops where I live the closest would be 4 hours away which is why I do all my buying online!

  15. mrhoffame says:

    @stringchild1 Moline huh? I have driven up there a time or two. You guys get all kind of great concerts there. Last one I saw was Godsmack!

  16. mrhoffame says:

    @dereckvon Yeah, there are three great store in this area. All are about 10 minutes from each other. This one (Record Exchange), Euclid (whom has a better selection of new vinyl and Jazz), and one called Vintage Vinyl which is probably the best overall store.

  17. dereckvon says:

    Gawd, this store is a must visit! I've heard about Euclid but have yet to visit. This video is making quite an impression.

  18. stringchild1 says:

    @LongLostLPMan So cool to hear that. I never would have guessed some of us to be so familiar with the same places. I work out of Moline, Illinois. I'm all over the Quad Cities and often as far a Burlington and Dubuque, Iowa. My bandmates live in Burlington. There is a cool record store there too called Weird Harold's. I'm familiar with pretty much any town within a hundred mile radius of Davenport/Moline and all of the towns around the St. Louis area. Nice people in Davenport. Very cool man!!

  19. LongLostLPMan says:

    @stringchild1 Sorry to jump in here… I grew up in Davenport. That's where I got my love for R&B/Funk and Hip-Hop! Great memories!

  20. LongLostLPMan says:

    That is certainly one of the largest vinyl collections in a store that I have seen. It absolutely blows away any place that I have immediate access to. Only my all-time fave in Columbus, OH can compete. How's the R&B/Hip-Hop selection?

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