Rest in Peace George Romero (you will be missed)

No ads on this video. Just wanted to get my thoughts out about this wonderful filmmaker who broke boundaries everywhere he went. RIP George A. Romero.
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  1. Cameron Cloutier says:

    Romero didn't make any of the Halloween films.

  2. Fresh hh says:

    RIP George Romero. You will NEVER be forgotten.

  3. Dakota Robinson says:

    ……..did he drop the wunderwaff?……..

  4. Shaun Penne says:

    When I first seen Dawn of the Dead, I was mesmerized. Creepshow, especially 'The Crate!' segment scared the living shit out of me when I was a kid! Watching his films as an adult, I realised that there was more to this man than just horror! There was humour, subtext, brilliant dialogue and above all, heartfelt conviction with every scene or line! He was the film maker that I and many others aspired to be! And with an infectious laugh and a big smile, it was easy to see the real George Romero! R.I.P George, Night of the Living Dead made you a legend, simply being who you were made you a legend to all your fans! May your films live on for generations to come! We will miss you and we love you!!!! R.I.P You legend!!!! 😢

  5. Helgamond Ratbone says:

    Thanks for the nightmares, George! Wouldn't trade them for anything! Love ya, buddy!

  6. Tombstone is the perk you need To survive says:

    RIP a living legend that inspired a fuckton or horror movies, he will be so missed.

  7. Mystery Editor says:

    Halloween 3??? Mandela effect confirmed.

  8. Robert Colon says:

    so George is gonna be doing night of the living dead for real this time. and last Halloween Michael Jackson got out and did thriller!

  9. SkyTech RTS says:


  10. Dave Smith says:

    I literally hung on your every heartfelt word!!! I believe just as strongly as you. what you said, I believe in myself so deeply, his passion an for his art an his will to do things HIS way. your right, he defined the genre that we see today. he will be sorely missed

  11. Adam Wilcox says:

    When David Bowie died last year it tore a hole through the center of me that still has not healed. He was MY idol. Someone who never conformed, always bending genres, always have it his all. I had the privilege of seeing him live twice, once during his last tour, but I never met him. I am doing better now, but I spent most of 2016 in deep depression.
    George had the balls to push the limits of social commentary on racism, while delivering one of the most terrifying films of all time. He will be missed.
    I know exactly how you feel, and thanks for sharing this.

  12. Fabio Cervellini says:

    You will Live for ever True zombie king💗See someday rip George love from italy

  13. Jack Jackson jacksonvile says:


  14. Andrew Collins says:

    Who the fuck did a thumbs down? wtf? WE're talkignabout the death of someoen legendary, seriously those ass holes.

  15. He, who cannot be named says:

    Matt, you're a sanctimonious cunt and clickbaiter, but this video was a good shoutout to the late, great Romero who was also one of my heroes. Well done.

  16. david filippi says:

    Un EROE saluti dall'italia grazie George .

  17. King Fernie says:

    He'll be back next round.

  18. Aurora Hill says:

    hopefully Road of the Dead will still get made!!!

  19. Phillip Evans_sistrunk says:

    🙁 he was my inspiration for filming

  20. Mr. Nobody says:

    RIP George Romero sadly a legend has passed away

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