Review: Timeless Matrixyl 3000 Rave! | Anti-aging, Mature Skin + COUPON

As promised, my thoughts and results after using the Timeless serum for three months. I absolutely love this stuff!

Timeless Matrixyl:
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18 Responses

  1. karaskorner says:

    I just got this as well! I can't wait to use it. I love seeing woman over 30 like myself on YouTube! Enjoyed this video!❤

  2. Westminster Drive says:

    what % of matrixyl is in this product? Is it 8% or higher?

  3. Belinda Viers says:

    Where can I purchase this?

  4. Monika McGillicuddy says:

    Would you use this in conjunction with retin a at night?

  5. susan moore says:

    Hello, I also love Timless serums. I recently bought a newer version of that product…you might want to try it. Thanks for sharing

  6. cvoor says:

    You look Beautiful, and so young looking, so it's obviously working. Wonderful review.

  7. Lea Helmerich says:

    Can you use this around your eyes?

  8. B Perry says:

    Are you using it on your neck as well?

  9. JuztMeMe says:

    Thank you for the detailed reply!

  10. JuztMeMe says:

    Your skin looks great! Can you explain why not to use Matrixyl with sunscreen?

  11. Golden Beauty & Life says:


  12. Simar Song says:

    I can see a real difference in your skin! Your neck does look firmer and I can't wait to try it on mine! Thanks for the review!

  13. jennylee Green says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to make this video.  Till today I knew very little scratch that nothing about this product.  I purchased some from evine hsn isomers.  As for timeless I purchased the vit c serum.  I did not use it because it had alcohol in it.  Do you know anything about the isomers?  Also do you know anything about derma rollers,  microneedling?  Please let me know.  I must say you have inspired me to try the product.  Your skin is breathtaking,  truly.  It has such a lovely youthful glow.  It also looks so hydrated and soft.    They should use you in a commercial!!!  I am sold.  I look forward to looking at your other videos.  Warm regards,  Jennylee

  14. TheLambsLettuce says:

    Ah…Here's the update I was looking for! Your skin looks great!

  15. GirlyMuscleTV says:

    will you do a before and after comparsson in a video? Thx lady! xo

  16. Queen S says:

    I've been very interested in this! I think I'm going to buy it now!!! 🙌🏻

  17. lourdess ximita says:

    I have been using matrxyl  for a year and it has helped me a lot. I will keep using it.

  18. LittlePoet says:

    Timeless Matrixyl 3000!!! Well you look so beautiful 🙂 and this serum is like a Retin-a? Your skin is flawless…your skin is so perfect I can't tell if you have makeup on or not…gee wiz!! Isn't is shocking how we can alter our face without surgery? I never would have dreamed we could do this with the right care and products. I started to use a new Vit C serum and HA Serum from another company but I have used Timeless. The smell to me of their Vit C serum is so strong!!! Is the scent of this serum strong? You look so very young…wow! You look amazing. Have a great day and it was so great to see you today! xxoo Susan

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