Ronaldinho – Top 5 Assists To Messi

5 Amazing Assists Ronaldinho to Lionel Messi.
* Ronaldinho assist Messi For his first ever goal for FC Barcelona, also assisted Lionel Messi in His first Hat Trick , vs Real Madrid.
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20 Responses

  1. Merfects says:

    Imagine if Ronaldihno was still young ? Teaming up with Messi today ? Damn that would definitely be the best duo . Both Legends and Ronaldihno will always be the most skillful player the world has ever seen . Truly a great and amazing player

  2. christophe stoll says:

    los mejores de la historia avec pelé maradona van basten beckenbaueur cruyff

  3. Juan Hidalgo says:

    esto es jugar al fútbol

  4. pavel abadjiev says:


  5. scherben says:

    Sorcerer and apprentice. That could have been Ronaldihno and Ronaldo at Old Trafford. Thanks Pete.

  6. Rlando james says:

    as a madrid fan, i always envy with the beauty of football barca play. we used to play like that with zidane, r carlos, n ronaldo 9. now we have ronaldo 7 who in his mind is only about him scoring. running to the box and waiting there. smh

  7. Lil Boat says:

    Back when Messi actually played with a great a Brazilian player but that's none of my business

  8. krizthal porras says:

    Messi face is so much happier before than now

  9. Crys Cerqueira says:

    dois fenômeno do futebol mundial 👏👏

  10. Jason J says:

    Song: TOTO- I won't hold you back,

  11. Are You Living in the Real World? says:

    messi + cr7 = Ronaldinho

  12. MasteredTheUniverse says:

    That long pass from Ronaldinho is one of the best I've ever seen. And Messi's finish is equally amazing.

  13. Zzz Zzz says:

    ronaldinho made messi

  14. harshit gusain says:

    messi is not better than ronaldhino

  15. Mo Barca says:

    my 2kings 4ever and ever.

  16. Humberto Correa says:

    The song anyone ?

  17. Barjuez 23 says:

    1:10 Esa presicion…

  18. Namaz Panakhov says:

    King of Dribblings + King of Skills = King of Football!

  19. Orochimaji gameplays says:

    What is the background music??

  20. Nick A says:

    2:49 Ronaldinho's expression when the young Messi got his first goal

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