Runway Icons | Natasha Poly

Runway Icons | Natasha Poly

Welcome to my new series “Runway Icons”


Ned Mower – Windy City Assasin
Chirpfront – Raptue

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13 Responses

  1. Wilhelmina Slateer says:

    The music you used is too basic for the queen of everything.

  2. Īlena Īreyøn says:

    Wow most impressive cheekbones.

  3. Wahn Yoon says:

    With Natasha it's all about making the clothes desirable and not drawing attention to herself. Which is why she deserves all the attention she gets.

  4. JusticeAndrew says:

    And this is probably 1/5 of all her walks ever.

  5. Juanita Leon says:

    song please??

  6. arijan sumanti says:

    the goddess out…love

  7. Hautefaeries says:

    I could watch her walk for hours, she is so breathtaking on the runway.

  8. minhtu17 says:

    her walks have the beat

  9. Klaus Ojjih says:

    the music is annoying there is soo many better tracks out there wtf

  10. Aizen Knaik says:

    If Gisele was in competition with Carmen Kass during their primes, I personally believe Natasha is Mariacarla's biggest threat in the catwalk that's why they always give it their 110% when they're in the show together. They don't talk about it, but their actions say so. Total slayage! 👊🏼💃🏼

  11. Paniz Iz says:

    karlie please !!

  12. Jes88809 says:

    you're missing FREJA !!!

  13. Clay Byrd says:

    What I love about Natasha Poly is she does the job Of modeling with a blue collar work ethic, in this video and others that I've seen her featured she has a real determination to be the BEST and give designer's exactly what they hired her for. She brings life and movement to fashion and gives the garments a certain desirability that's makes the watcher want every single piece she's wearing.

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