Scott Adams teaches you how to take a meeting with a Russian lawyer

Scott Adams teaches you how to take a meeting with a Russian lawyer

This is not Scott’s official page. I just upload Periscope streams for easier watching.
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20 Responses

  1. mattc941 says:

    Last 5 minutes were the funniest thing I have ever heard LOLOL

  2. Oozing Pussbrain says:

    I wish everyone would leave Russia alone! So what if Trump and Putin are friends, Russians aren't the bad guys! The left is just mad because Russia abandoned communism.

  3. FindLiberty says:

    lol – 13:18 >>>>

  4. David Ramsay Steele says:

    So that's what they mean by medical marijuana.

  5. pcbgatlas says:

    this bald asshole is perverse. they that sow the wind, shall reap the whirlwind

  6. Janine Leach says:

    Hillary murders ppl

  7. runsaber1 says:

    the best advice is this: destroy all libtards until they go extinct. All of them suck the cocks of their gay pedo arab commie ISIS masters. Ukraine mettled in the election for Hillary. Can't wait for libtards to call her a treasonous corrupt whore and traitor to the USA. πŸ˜€ George Clooney flees to USA from UK because he's terrified of muslim migrants – he must be an islamophobic-racist-bigot BWAHAHAHA CNN app gets downgraded to one star! Hahaha! CNN blackmails 15 yr old kid for meme dems think their voters are stupid as shit in Project Veritas vid 3 Van Jones says Russian narrative is a nothing burger. Ahahaha! liberal student sentenced for democrat voter fraud/registering dead people to vote veritas exposes CNN as fake news! phil donahue can't figure out how Trump won: blames white girls now for HRC loss. Didja know Bill Clinton is a rapist? hahaha! cenk has a total meltdown after ossoff loss.

  8. firstName lastName says:

    liberal men suck obama's cock

  9. PhenomMDK133651 says:

    Shiva Ayyadurai is running against Warren. The dude invented email when he was 14 and has 4 MIT degrees.

  10. ComradeDeplorable says:


  11. yumpizzaness says:

    I forget the names of people I meet with just in a small company sales position. I'd forget I even have meetings scheduled if it weren't for Outlook calendar

  12. Joe Black says:

    It is becoming NORMALIZED to use info from other countries including Russia in a campaign. And why not?

  13. John Liberty says:

    The people who are saying they wouldn't take the meeting are just saying what it takes to frame Trump.

  14. Unfree Radical says:

    Thanks for uploading these, and the other stuff you put up. Useful channel deserves more subs, so have one on me.

  15. egads2 says:

    Simply because most people don't know how to problem solve, prioritize, plan and strategize.

  16. egads2 says:

    You don't have subscribers you have Coffee Hounds.

  17. Lens98052 says:

    I would remember Monica a lot more easily than a meeting that went nowhere.

  18. The Jiu Jitsu Life says:

    I was an executive salesman for over a decade from 1998 to 2008.

    The number of meetings filled with 3 to 13 people I met with! No way in hell could I recall everyone I met with months later. They all blend together after a month or so out from the original meetings.

  19. chuck1prillaman says:

    Adams has a $3800.00 coffee maker. Can he afford a decent camera?

  20. walt7500 says:

    G O O D L O R D ! ! !

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