Seconds matter in a tornado warning

Seconds matter in a tornado warning

The Storm Shield App sounds off immediately when a tornado warning is issued. Tornado sirens typically lag behind the warning, wasting precious time that may be needed to get to safety.

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19 Responses

  1. Nehan Islam says:


  2. Five Cars Five Guys says:

    Alarm starts at 13 in the yellow bar

  3. StormchaserAustria says:

    nice funnelcloud, great guys

  4. Arii_vlogs says:

    Who els got scared and jumped at the end of the vidoe when they blasted the thunder sound?…just me..oh,ok..

  5. Alphastarseeds says:

    people need more then seconds of a war ing to get to fucking safety today u cant even trust weather forecasters

  6. Nicky Wire says:

    In Georgia we constantly have false alarms

  7. renton9999 says:

    this app is actually not as reliable as they make it sound. the alert still has to be received by a control point, then distributed to the app users through wifi and cell points, which depending on the load can be up to a few minutes of a delay to reach your device…and that doesn't factor in the refresh rate of the app nor if you are currently on a call.

  8. Tigers9596 says:

    First, people shouldnt be relying on ghe sirens. Second, it usually takes them a minute or so on average to activtae sirens in most places. So, when the actual alert from the NWS comes in, it's kinda late.

  9. Judith Galaxy girl 2.0 says:

    A few weeks ago there was a tornado warning and the sirens went off 3 times

  10. Evelin Garcia says:

    Here in my town August 20th, 2016 a tornado touched ground, 15 minutes after it passed in front of my house my phone alert went off 😏 really??? And the Firefighters chief said we don't need an alarm in the town, we have cell phones 🙄

  11. Todd Loiselle says:

    Only reason why they lag is because they rely on several things for activation:

    1. NOAA Weather Radio to go off staying there's a tornado warning in the area. 911 Dispatchers or other Public Safety officials rely on this to decide whether to sound the siren or not.

    2. Public Safety/Storm Spotter reports. Some places activate sirens whenever a trusted official that has the proper training in place (firefighter, EMS, Police, trained storm spotter) indicates a need for siren activation, such as seeing a wall cloud with funnel near town, a tornado on the ground, or other weather event.

    3. Public Reports. Sometimes some places even rely on you, the people that live where the weather is acting up, to notify them what's going on.

    This is why you cannot rely on tornado sirens alone to warn you of impending severe weather. Watch the local weather forecasts, keep an eye on local media, have a portable weather radio nearby and use common sense and good judgement when planning outdoor activities.

  12. FutagoHime - Powered By LTS says:

    what are your app is paid? i can,t download it anymore

  13. Alex Derus says:

    Since the sirens have a 14 second delay after your app goes off, does the same hold true for a NOAA weather radio?

  14. 2001 SRN says:

    Mm mm 2001 sirens

  15. Bill Cipher says:

    Top 10 best tornadoes agree?

  16. Sparkly Snail says:


  17. Sparkly Snail says:

    Even though I live in California, I think those structures of Mother Nature makes, those statues called tornadoes I want in our non – Hurricane state and non – Tornado state I just want them here.

  18. Save says:

    What would happen if a tornado actually turned SIDEWAYS? Totally do NOT answer saying "microburst." Give us info.

  19. 4J25 says:

    That audio sounds like it was overlayed… Tornado sirens can still be useful for people outdoors who may not have their smart phone on them, which could be a lot of people.

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