Shark in the Park – Read by Sherry

‘Shark in the Park’ – another great book by Nick Sharratt! ‘Storytelling with Sherry’ – and I hope the music is’nt too scary for the kids! AVAILABLE ON AMAZON:

La Fira is not just a children’s book market selling affordable English books for children in Barcelona – we also do storytelling at events! Join us on Facebook and Twitter for all our updates, events, and for getting in contact with us concerning any bookings for storytelling or book-markets! x
New and second-hand English books for children – Barcelona, Spain
Libros para niños en inglés, nuevos y de segunda mano – Barcelona, España
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12 Responses

  1. 조인애 says:


  2. kitty&liya says:

    its a good kid story

  3. Sofia Delgado Rodriguez says:

    O yeah

  4. Areesha Zaheer says:

    There was a shark in the. Park

  5. Christian English U.S. says:

    a shark is dangerous

  6. Aiden Loves Hopscotch YouTube Channel says:

    Music too scary

  7. Aiden Loves Hopscotch YouTube Channel says:

    There was a shark in the park 😦

  8. Inkwinks Publications Ltd says:

    Lots of fun listening to you, well read

  9. Sunny Punjabi says:

    hi sherry, lovely video, loved the background music and your story telling style. How did you do it? What software did you use?

  10. Stephen Jury says:

    awesome video and editing

  11. DaBeast Gaming says:

    Your vid is very intresting

  12. Mr imortal says:

    Thank you for the vidios

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