Steve Carell & Kristen Wiig HILARIOUS in Golden Globes 2017

Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig present the award winners for best animation with a slight twist.

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20 Responses

  1. Andrew Reed says:

    Steve fucking carell man😂

  2. W U says:

    All I see is Steve Carell & Cersei Lannister

  3. Joanna Bond says:

    sorry did he just say zootopia won? am I hearing bullshit?

  4. I ate your mother says:

    Does anyone know how many people attend the Golden Globes? I mean those in the room during the ceremony. I'm asking 'cause it looks like veeery few, like almost only nominated people were there, but it's obviously untrue.

  5. ITSMENIKKl says:

    I love them together

  6. Deathpool says:

    1:20 damn it's very bizarre to see Ross laughing at Michael Scott

  7. Alex Jbf says:

    Their timing is so good

  8. Naz Osman says:

    I know this clip was meant for something else but how does zootopia win over Kubo????

  9. Camille says:

    I'm crying laughing so hard. Easily the the best comedians and some of my favorite actors. So funny

  10. PixieLavender says:

    I don't get it?

  11. Travis G says:

    Jack, Janet, and Krissy. Nice Three's Company reference

  12. prometheus273 says:

    Who is that at 2:23?

  13. Chailuv Gidwani says:


  14. Carlin Pendleton says:

    'I'll have what she's having.. like the orgasm'… is it just me that doesn't get that one?? Raht over mah head

  15. Blue Thunder73 says:

    Her "dogs" were named Jack, Janet and Chrissy. LoL

  16. Adline Writes says:

    Watched it again and still in tears

  17. Chris Ducat says:

    Perfect comedic timing. Love it.

  18. theplourde says:

    You know the rest of this bit is going to be good when Michael Keaton, I mean Batman, busts out laughing

  19. Renzy Wenzy says:

    The next Golden Globe hosts? Why not?

  20. sellmav says:

    Sexiest man alive.

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