Sugar (K-Pop)

イ・アユミ(이아유미、李亞由美)ユク・ヘスン(육혜승) イ・ハリン(이하린) カレイドスターOP/ED(TAKE IT SHAKE IT/real identity)
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14 Responses

  1. roo Bluepol says:

    아유미. 한국에선 아직도 기억하는 사람이 많은데.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  2. Crazy Genius says:

    kpop singing ballads nowadays will just stand there and sing their parts…..

  3. blackpink warrior says:

    I have this song in my phone age of 14,, I think 2010 or 2009..

  4. JP says:

    Original member Whang Jeongeum was the first to leave the group after Ayumi Lee(Korean Japanese) joined and took over leader position. Sunny from Girl's Generation was to join Sugar. But Sugar disbanded in 2006 and the rest is history. Ayumi Lee went solo but was more active as model. Park Sujin went into acting achieved minor success, married Yonsama (Bae Yongjun) in 2015. Lee Harin and Yuk Heaseung also went into acting but not much activities are known. Earlier days Sugar experimented with edgier trendy Dance-Hiphop style. I miss them all.

  5. SugarK says:

    They have beautiful voices with great talent

  6. Max Venicus says:

    meu sonho é ficar com uma japa ela tem o olho muito bonito 

  7. samaritain16 says:

    nice !!!!

  8. Hung Do says:


  9. Ngọc Thiều Nguyễn says:

    ô hây

  10. MrLutelover says:


  11. kei13niigata says:


  12. rodrigo alves says:

    nossa!!!!! perfeito!!!!!! 100 comentarios!!!

  13. mousykissy says:

    perfect harmony!!! they have amazing voices!!

  14. nihonkokusai says:


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