The Omen 1976 Nanny’s Death Scene

Classic death from The Omen
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  1. Jack Mendez says:

    so, does her soul get taken by hell or not because she was not under her own influence.

  2. Toby1034 says:

    Is this vid, Damien is like mankind and the Nanny is like Jesus.Jesus died for us and our sins and because he loved us.The Nanny died for Damien because she also loved him.(Im not saying that the Nanny and Jesus are the same, and have sam e power and everything._.Just saying they acted like each other but Jesus didn't do it intentionally like the Nanny did. :P)

  3. Toby1034 says:

    People die and kill for Damien.His stares are 10/10.

  4. Toby1034 says:

    The kids are like, "Wow I wish my nanny loved us that much."

  5. Toby1034 says:

    That dead body tho,

  6. Theandroid Comegetmeorsomething says:

    I've never heard of this movie until I saw a video of batman flashing people for danium. I didn't realize what happened in the scene he used until now

  7. Uriel Lavi says:


  8. Jacob Manmuang says:

    Now that I saw Atticus from To Kill A Mockingbird, my heart broke

  9. Pennywise The dancing clown says:

    I felt really insulted because no one invited me to this party,

  10. thatfilmgeekguy says:

    A true testament to how shite kids parties are.

  11. bud ekins says:

    Is that a dummy or a stunt double crashing through the window??

  12. ronald cachola says:

    0:24 girl scream

  13. ronald cachola says:


  14. ronald cachola says:

    Kick 0:22

  15. ronald cachola says:

    She's dead and broke the glass by her shoe in 0:23

  16. ronald cachola says:


  17. Kurizuh says:


  18. 43nostromo says:

    Um, LOL??? ROTFLMAO???

  19. Spencer Brown says:

    It's all fun and games until someone breaks their neck.

  20. superdog0044 says:

    Reminds me of that little bastard that used to live next door: he never liked me.

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