Tim’s Take: Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2017 | The Business of Fashion

Tim Blanks speaks to Nicolas Ghesquiere about the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2017 show.
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16 Responses

  1. Justine Leconte officiel says:

    Really insightful answers from Nicolas…

  2. ad da says:

    La place Vendôme n'a rien à voir avec Vauban, mais à Hardouin-Mansart!

  3. ad da says:

    kitsh/no class/no style/no chic/it is the style of the bitchs of las vegas!

  4. E.N.G CRTN says:

    I have found the funniest thing on youtube

  5. Mariana Farías Ambriz says:

    Anyone who cares about fashion cares a lot about Tim's opinion or coverage of every season, fashion show, designer or brand I'm such a fan since I was a child.

  6. charlesheartnyc09 says:

    The "humble" Guesquiere….

  7. Stephen Dunford says:

    I think you all are kissing his ass. There are pieces that are cool and totally fun.. But pieces. Over all if I see people wearing some of these look cheap. :-/

  8. Alberto Dote says:

    Ghesquiere's back!

  9. Andrew Semple says:

    Honestly Tim, your opinion is all that matters during fashion week, you ask the right questions and you know how to talk to each designer <3

  10. REVIEWERtm says:


  11. Luis Luna says:

    Of course I care!!! Please don't say that, I feel some rudeness. I always take in consideration everything you say about every collection. Very respectable opinion.

    By the way, Balenciaga's CEOs might be missing Nicolas right now.

  12. maison marson says:

    ..please.. those descriptions were maybe that of Tisci for Givenchy. but not this. theres no denying that the looks in this show we're crude, tacky, cheap & low in the context of this city. honestly…

  13. sophabella says:

    genius, basically 🙂

  14. Ben M says:

    Love the concept, really felt it in the first looks shown.

  15. cupid turd says:

    He's hitting his stride, can't wait for next season. Nicholas isn't one to make you wince

  16. Cormac IRL says:

    The way Nicolas Ghesquiere talks about Vuitton is the exact opposite to the way Raf Simons used to talk about Dior. It's seems Nicolas has the reins of a powerful brand like Vuitton now under control. A guardian of the flame, who is now able to create his own Vuitton. Stepping beyond Marc Jacobs shadow. 🙂

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