TOP 10 TIPS – BEAT the CAR DEALER FINANCE OFFICE -Best Auto F&I advice by Kevin Hunter Has the Dealer Finance Manager ever ripped you off? Car Dealers have a right to make a profit, but do they have a right to lie to you? From the author of “13 Car Buying Mistakes,” here are the “10 BEST Auto Finance tips” if you are buying a car! Want to know how you beat the Car Dealership Finance Man? This MUST WATCH video for Car Buyers is the advice you’ve been waiting for on how to survive the finance office at a car dealer. Kevin Hunter lays out the products, strategies, and tricks the finance officers pull every day on unsuspecting car buyers, and many of them get away with what they do. You don’t have to be one of the people they succeed in deceiving.
The F&I Manager, finance man, loan officer, business manager, or whatever the car dealer wants to call him or her… just remember this is the most skilled salesperson the dealership employs. They make more money than any other person in the dealership for a very good reason. They are sharks, and they are NOT looking out for you. They are looking out for themselves and the interests of their dealership. When they “shop” your car deal to many different banks, they are looking for the bank that allows them to pack the most product into your car deal. When you start seeing bank names like Santander, Capital One, Chase, Wells Fargo, Space Coast Credit Union, Regional Acceptance Corporation, Ally… just to name a few, you know you’re sitting in a car dealers finance office.

Kevin Hunter covers everything from extended warranties, GAP insurance, theft protection… otherwise known as window etching, paint sealers, carpet and fabric protection,

Kevin Hunter resides in Longview, Washington with his wife Stephanie and daughters Jackie and Alison. Shows include The Business Forum Show, TBFS Radio, Street Wyze, You Don’t Know JACKIE,and Children’s Stories. These are just a few of the broadcasts and studio based video productions he does.

If you’d like to know how to grow your online presence for personal, business, or professional purposes, you can reach Kevin Hunter at the website link . Complete the contact request form on the website or call (360) 545-3501 today.

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20 Responses

  1. Just for fun says:

    Damn, I was sold on the GAP insurance on my new used subaru… needless to say they lied to me about the car more than just the finance, the vehicle was damaged and has bondo on the driver side rear quarter panel, and they repainted the car to mask all the little imperfections (apparently they did a good job), I found masking tape with my cars color paint on it, loose front bumper, all these things were so well hidden I didn't see it till 2 weeks later. They lied and I fell for it, bought a good looking car with a rough past, yes the carfax was clean, but the carfax doesn't mean anything so I found out. I hope anyone looking to buy a car bring a magnet and check all metal body panels, ask to put the vehicle on a lift and get a flashlight and look at everything under the car, test drive the hell out of it, and if you can take it to your own mechanic for a full inspection. Good luck to those of you who haven't fallen into the trap. Oh and the rims were so badly damaged that my 2014 has 2015 model year wheels on it… I didn't even know.

  2. Alumnikiid says:

    Alot of people don't know they can cancel the extended warranty I think is 30 days but the finance guy told us everything was final and couldn't be changed after we signed which was BS

  3. fakefake539 says:

    fabulous video

  4. L Perry says:

    gap is BS, I wish I could of known this b4 hand….SMH

  5. TheSummit396 says:

    dow honda in ottawa canada is a scam for extended warranty

  6. Glenn Scott says:

    I love videos like these. I like to tell customers that ended up with balances on totalled cars to ask this guy to pay it off because he told them not to get Gap or send him the bill when something major goes wrong with the car and they didn't purchase a service contract. I will say that most everything else is this video is correct. In my opinion if you don't put a large down payment on your car get Gap. Extended Services contracts are good when dealing with reputable dealers. Just make sure you negotiate the price on these products. Prices not set in stone.

  7. FPsGameFreak says:

    I Would actually get GAP

  8. S Mish says:

    In the UK I swear by BMW modiel extended warranty, any other warranty are not worth the paper they are written on

  9. tomatoes says:

    Go to the dealer ship on a Sunday to shop around. Note the sticker invoice. 300.00 dollars over sticker price is a good profit for a dealer. Next go get your own financing. Once you already have your loan walk in and buy your car. All the bull crap has been removed. If they refuse to take your loan walk out head to another dealer ship.

  10. Paul Lucas says:

    There's an article about a car journalist that bought a Range Rover from CarMax where the actual extended warranty paid for itself and then some. The article talks about all of the problems the RR had from electronics issues to Air suspension and all of the other things that broke on the RR.
    Link to article.

  11. Tyler Alderman says:

    CNA is a good warranty company. first 6 months on my truck and fixed $1300 in issues without a hitch

  12. Scott B says:

    pay cash. the end.

  13. Dre Made says:

    I've bought a Car Max warranty on a Ford Explorer and glad I did. 4K worth of work was done over the 4years, but I know the reliability rate on that years model was below average. On paid $1700 for the warranty.

  14. Xavier Phillips says:

    Yeah, the finance man tried to get me to purchase GAP insurance….my car insurance already had it, and he still tried to sell it to even after I told him I had it. "I really hate for you to get into an accident and not have "this" GAP insurance….πŸ˜’

  15. animal16365 says:

    I have several questions.

    1. should you by a vehicle based on the M.S.R.P or the Dealer mark up??

    2. I purchased a car for 27700.00 a month. on a recent trip to a dealership. I was looking at a car for around the same price. even with a trade in on one car I own. they told me my payment would be higher. How is that possible. the car was 28300.00 and they would give me 4000.00 for trade in



  17. Manny Vapes says:

    well, just bought a car about 45 days ago, they told me that the loan would only get approved if i get gap insurance. and they told me my credit score was lower then i thought but another dealer told me it was 50 points higher. is there away to get the gap insurance removed?

  18. Happy Poop says:

    i dont understand what is trade-in fee… pls explain it to me.. pls thanks…

  19. Happy Poop says:

    so the delivery fee is always included at the invoice price right? so if they ask me to pay extra fee for delivery ill just say… "wtf?!" i really dont know what to do then honestly .. hmmm i dont know about this shits… :'( smh

  20. Happy Poop says:

    thanks! im planning to buy mine this end of he year… i hope ill beat the shit out of thst finance dude.. ill bring a pocket recorder and gun for sure… ill be out in the dealership in less than 30 mins πŸ™‚

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