We’re The Millers – Scotty P

I did not create this film, nor do I own the rights. I’m just a huge fan!
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20 Responses

  1. destiny fiend says:

    fuck the gov bitches

  2. ANA says:

    Jroc baby

  3. smo sh says:

    Scotty P is actually a genius.

  4. Codeah says:

    Ya know what i'm sayin?

  5. TheLegend27 says:

    Shame that Scotty P was appalling in the American remake of The Inbetweeners

  6. Te Hanakore Mahutonga says:

    This vid is too crack Up, Y'nah I'm sayin'?

  7. Sam Green says:

    " Iss like a terrifying death trap, but fo kids. "

  8. Peters Vlogs says:

    Never thought the Rockies would get mentioned in a movie

  9. Crywolf -1337- says:

    "no ragrets"

  10. scrainbow1234 says:

    "Yeah there's a lot of letters in the alphabet…how many are there now?"
    "It's in the 20's."

  11. Harry Marshall says:

    There's only gonna be one Forkin Scotty and that's Scotty Forkin T.

  12. OverthereLook says:

    Every girl has dated 3 Scotty P's

  13. REAPER says:

    u just finished the vid at the best line..stupid

  14. heipman raw says:

    Looks like Riff Raff before he got in the rap game 😂😂😂😊

  15. Molemanftw69 says:

    his a copy of jroc from trailer park boys

  16. Connor Hoppes says:

    I like how the dude was just chill with Scotty p

  17. Lcarter52 says:

    lol Jennifer's face at 1:44 y'nah'm sayin?

  18. Lcarter52 says:

    this video funny af Y'Nah'm sayin??

  19. Joseph Harris says:

    When you need a lifter for the day watch this scene because it helps you get a laugh in while wanting to be sure you don't have any regrets for the day!

  20. david mckesey says:

    this needs a sequel asap

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