Whole Sale! Fireworks! 702

New store next door for whole sale buying made easy!!! Red A!!

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20 Responses

  1. Unity Nukular says:

    what's so special about wholesale fireworks???(I just want to know)


    How much are excals by the case

  3. Hamo_Cyde says:

    Do you go to pahrump for fireworks too?

  4. deathrott says:

    how much is the excal by the case?

  5. Huy Nguyen Ho says:

    Next year I'm going there for cases

  6. william petillo says:

    Jay Could you let me know where I can purchase your Items-Em unclebill713@aol.com
    Bill Petillo–6314700149

  7. Ruben Monge says:

    that's odd why would they sale them but still give out tickets???

  8. Ruben Monge says:

    thanks man

  9. JR Emonte says:

    awesome fireworks definitely have to go their

  10. trew ten says:

    is that shirt from demolition ranch? that's a cool shirt.

  11. stack bandz says:

    glock 43 lol weak

  12. lupe cruz says:


  13. Montoya Santana says:

    jay got new car new shirt n a glock hahaha

  14. jascharl says:

    jay scares all the girls away, like me. =(

  15. Ruben Monge says:

    so you could lite fireworks out there but if the cops see you they will give you a ticket??

  16. David Cervantes says:

    What kind of SUV did you get?

  17. Riverratsd says:

    Thanks for the video. It would be nice if you can show more fireworks instead of your face.

  18. Muscle mann says:

    Good video bros

  19. Dani_327 Wh78p says:

    red apple has deals but this year they were really high but for sure smashes other stores prices

  20. High D3s3rt Pyro says:

    Platinum Thunder are the shit

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