Mass Effect: Andromeda – Before You Buy

Mass Effect Andromeda (PC, PS4, Xbox One) comes with a lot of baggage and plenty of glitches. But is the deep space journey still worth it? Jake breaks it down.
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20 Responses

  1. gameranx says:

    This will be interesting.

  2. Sucker Punch Designs says:

    I can't really complain, I just picked it up brand new from Gamestop for $20, which I literally earned from downloading apps, so actually I picked it up for $1.57(tax) and I'm playing it bit by bit. I miss Shepherd and the gang, it doesn't seem as inspired as the original trilogy but I think it is a good game so far. I'm going to hang in there and see how it goes but so far I am interested in the story but it's not to the level of the original trilogy (a good book that I just can't put down). I'm doing my best to give it a fair chance as a stand alone game.

  3. Gaja Hinca says:

    It… Doesn't look and feel like Mass Effect at all.
    I mean… Mass Effect was more about those dark corridors of the geth bases, being an epic asshole, fighting with the ingnorance of the Council, exploring not new, but still hard to understand races etc. It made the galaxy feel… huge. Yes, I think it's an adequate word. You got a huge galaxy full of life to explore, many planets, even more possibilities and… humour. Lots of it. ME 1 and 2 were pretty goofy in their own way, even Harbinger, imho the biggest, to put it in his own words, "potential wasted" of the series seemed not dumb, annoying or fucked up, but funny (at least to me).
    Maybe it was even the camera angle. When it hovered right behind Shep's shoulder or slightly above them, we had enough distance to think about them as a character, but were close enough to "feel" what they were feeling. With Ryder, the camera is far away, making big things seem small and making the protagonist even more distant.
    And the split between races was kinda… weird. We got the "Milky Way" races, the Angara and the "hostile Andromedian" races. In the original trilogy each race behaved differently, in Andromeda they were kinda put under one label, no turian hubris, no asari grace, no salarian love for science, no krogans behaving like Cro-magnon people with tech (because that's what they were), and what ticked me off the most – no quarians. Ok, I can accept the lack of the geth since there wasn't a peace between them at the start of the Initiative, but… Quarians… And no volus, no elcor, no hanar, NOTHING.
    As a game, Andromeda is pretty good, but it will never be a "true" Mass Effect in my eyes.

  4. Eric Hoover says:

    "Be nice or be sarcastic."
    PHEW, thought I was watching a F4 review.

  5. TK Pham says:

    I like it, fun and nice story/plot. Happy not having to literally duck to not be shoot at when standing near something and that makes me feel less queasy. Gotta see it as itself instead of comparing it to its predesessor. story-wise, good. Dialogs between party members, fun. So to each his/her own. 🙂

  6. ary an says:

    Either be nice or be a little sarcastic? Sounds exactly like fallout 4 dialogue.

  7. Rythem says:

    7:33 The smile face is coming after you

  8. Nick Medeiros says:

    worst game purchase I've ever made.

  9. Jr 128 says:

    just dont buy Do urself a Fav. game is so Bad. rip mass effect just Call IT Andromeda Not mass effect i reapid dont Call IT mass effect

  10. laila amell says:

    what you expect the game was made on 18months due too ea had 0 patience

  11. shintaiden says:

    Is this the future? We'll bang ok?

  12. C L O W N S A N I T Y says:

    70$ for 99%glitches

  13. __REDASH66 __ says:

    They shoud have continued Shepards' story

  14. anime city says:

    i like this game alot

  15. Alexander Bodani says:

    Flick my nuts for 60 hours….

  16. Sarcastic Sailaway says:

    how tf does shooting feel better and punchier if the recoil looks like shit

  17. Joseph Orellano says:

    This is one of my favorite games. It really does hold up exceptionally well on its own. I thoroughly recommend playing it if you love RPG-third-person shooter hybrid games set in space with awesome story and extremely fun gameplay. It has been over 3 months now, and I'm still playing the game today. About to complete my 2nd playthrough (100% of the game completed) and I've leveled up many of the multiplayer characters to 20 and almost unlocked all of the rare weapons. Just gotta work on my ultra-rares. 😀

  18. Yung Cashregister aka Lil Broomstick says:

    I wasted my money on this game

  19. Wayne Buffin says:

    I can't wait until wolfenstein 2 is released

  20. Stefan Buchala says:

    Also, improving the Nexus? The colonies? The Nexus is the same from day dot basically and the colonies, you more or less plonk down and forget about

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