Baseball Legend Sammy Sosa Gets ROASTED on Twitter for Bleaching His Skin

Baseball Legend Sammy Sosa Gets ROASTED on Twitter for Bleaching His Skin

Sammy Sosa in 2017 looks much different than the Sammy Sosa you remember blasting home runs over the wall at Wrigley Field, and his new appearance is giving some people nightmares. Sosa’s skin color has changed rather drastically over the years.

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20 Responses

  1. woman hood says:

    ohh look Grape man 😂😂 he looks like Candy Floss 😂😂 I wonder if he burns his wife when she gets close to him when he puts cream on

  2. Still Bill says:

    he looks like a freak

  3. Rick Alvarez says:

    it's Pinky's Nuiigga!!!!

  4. Bin Umar says:

    Fuckin self hating coon

  5. Powerade says:

    What's wrong with it??.., If he's happy and likes the way he looks, then why can't we just accept it and move on..

  6. The Field says:

    This bastard looks like a dogs dick

  7. cerebral dome says:

    Damn Denise is 🔥

  8. Tie Bradley says:

    when your slave master makes you hate your self.and your people.

  9. Jerod Bahn says:

    He looks like a fucking leprechaun

  10. TH Cure says:

    Bruh, he looks like he died. Weekend at Sammy's…..

  11. Vincent2wice says:

    Don't Clown Sammy Sosa….

    Clown Society, for setting Norms that Dark skin isn't beautiful and beauty only lies in light skin….. smh.

  12. justin elliott says:

    Hey Denise 👍🏿

  13. the 13th says:

    Yeah , he looks like AND IS , an asshole . But , you know what ? Using a quote from a phony ,fucking retarded asswipe like Tariq Nasheed , makes you an asshole . BTW , the young lady in the video is gorgeous .

  14. Deja H says:

    So sad. Self hatred.

  15. Mexica2324 says:

    It's call genocide what he's going through

  16. Melanated Man says:

    That n** traded in dominant skin for recessive skin that's like trading in a Ferrari for a Ford Focus no disrespect I'm just saying.

  17. Melanated Man says:

    That n** look like Miss Piggy pimp.

  18. Magdalena Francisco says:

    pepto bismol samy jajaja

  19. Wide Out says:

    Deez bitches love sosa

  20. Victor Ortiz says:

    muthafucker looks like a fucking ghost!!!

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