REACTION: Crusaders press conference

Following their 3 – 12 loss to the British & Irish Lions in Christchurch, hear what Crusaders coach Scott Robertson and captain Sam Whitelock had to say at the post-match press conference.

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19 Responses

  1. scope dog says:

    Did well considering they played a first string lions team. The blues and highlanders beat the b squads.

  2. Andrew T says:

    The Lions were the better side on the night but the way some of you Lions fans are carrying on you'd think they had just beaten the AB's and won the world cup. Combined 4 countries v a club side.

  3. KickinIt says:

    Can anyone here give a example of a Kiwi claiming the ref cost the Crusaders the game?

  4. mark hearne says:

    Scott robertson complaining that the lions weren't out there to score tries and that they are used to seeing more tries. maybe take a look at your own team mate! 3 points is a fairly pathetic showing

  5. maxwellfan55 says:

    Awkward. These two need some help with communication, if that's their job? The rugby listening public are interested.

  6. Tudor Davies says:

    The silences speak much louder than the words!

  7. Steve Evans says:

    Those grapes taste very sour.

  8. apgwilym says:

    They sound like honest straight blokes.

  9. Jeremy Merrifield says:

    Putting money on a 2-1 test win for the Lions. You miss Richie so much

  10. BigLoganT says:

    3:353:49 LOL

  11. 9teen80eight says:

    hard luck to the crusaders man it is what it is!im just glad the blues won! lol i think our provincial teams are doing pretty good considering not much difference on the score boards but enjoying the rugby on to the next!

  12. RyanAhamilton says:

    The Crusaders are a quality outfit and are clearly not used to losing, bluntly displayed in this interview. However, it shows that even though they knew what the Lions were going to bring, they failed to deal with it. This supports the fact that Gatland has a gameplan, which will be effective against the All blacks, if the players deliver on it. Some of these Lion's combinations have only had at most 10 days throwing the ball about with each other!

  13. Nic Bing says:

    All the Worlds a stage ….etc  ?

  14. MrAlphonsomango says:

    I thought it was Flea in a woman's wig on the right but then I realised they're just two Kiwi losers.

  15. Chris Perkins says:

    basically the crusades didn't have to win or lose the game, they are on holiday so their desire was different than the super 18 title.
    well played from the Lions though. The real tests only come once it's all blacks vs lions.
    The Lions and all Black's lead up games are only important to those two team's.
    If the super 18 n.z. teams were offered a bonus two points for a win if they beat the Lions then it would be worth fighting harder for the 5 super team's.
    It's clear that the Lions will get better each week but also may get tired as time ticks by.
    This might of been the best game we see from them!

  16. Nic Bing says:

    How much did the Crusaders  earn .. to throw the match   ???  Bring back " The Blues " …

  17. N C says:

    I'd bet on a cynical act of foul play in the next game along the lines of the O'Driscoll spear tackle. When a kiwi team is beaten they wont resort to playing rugby in the next game, they resort to thuggery see second game v Ireland in November last year- NZ paid the irish the greatest compliment that evening by refusing to play rugby in order to try win the game, class act

  18. 金白龍基督教的辯護戰士 says:

    Whitelock – greatest lock ever to have played the game.

    Crusaders (provincial) B team (no Read, Barrett, Crotty) vs. BEST of Britain (international)
    Result? Britain scored NO tries!

  19. Lisiate Toefoki says:

    I really thought you were the better team. but those Lion Forwards are out of this world…

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