Transport for London Tube Strike Prank

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20 Responses

  1. blaze mascarenhas says:

    i fuck u in your fuck hole died there LOL 3:38

  2. Cammeron Fordham says:

    "You bloody fucker you"!!! "I fuck you in butthole"!!! Lmfao hahaha smh 😂😂😂😂😂👏

  3. Mladen Markotic says:

    why this black man is angry or he is in with him

  4. collie lpsboy says:

    the subway lines 1 like 1 subway line opens more like more of the subway lines open

  5. Julian Critchley says:


  6. Royalty _ says:

    My mums ex is in this video

  7. alsunpilsut says:

    "I fuck YOU in the butthole! I fuck EVERYBODY'S butthole!" XD

  8. Baguette Launcher says:


  9. UnionJxck says:

    I miss this guy

  10. William G. Wong says:

    this people like india accent, am i right?

  11. Sacranie says:

    yeh good video bro 👍

  12. Vera Luis says:


  13. strike 221 says:

    3:51 he spotted you

  14. Shakir says:

    3:10 white guy slaps it out of his hand but he attacks the black guy lol yep he sums up most racist Indians pretty well 😂

  15. 19900 lnd says:

    I'll fuck u in ur butt holl😅😅😅

  16. jonster the monster says:

    real funny thx

  17. rahmm460 says:

    "open they key"

  18. franknhonest says:

    All railway strike action should be made illegal. Sign today at

  19. Cammeron Fordham says:

    lmfao " You bloody fucker you" "You don't fuck me I fuck you" those parts was funny as hell dude lol hahaha

  20. Kay Cee says:

    you bloody fucker you…..ffs that done me

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