Body Bearers Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend is for the fallen, and anyone who has ever heard these words.

The Body Bearers of Marine Barracks Washington are the last to let you down.

(U.S. Marine Corps video by Defense Media Activity – Marines)

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20 Responses

  1. Nadine Hightower says:

    I never tire of watching this Honor Ceremony at Veterans Funerals. I am so grateful to those who perform this service. Thank You.

  2. James Browne says:

    My family has fought in every war since the Revolutionary​ War . I'm an Irish Jew , and my family on my mother's side has been here since the 13 Colonies . Don't tell me , I already know . You hate Jews , so anything my family or myself did doesn't count in your eyes . I could be the guy who saved your life , and for some reason you'd still hate my guts …

  3. אליאל בן-דן says:

    My response to those who say that the Flag is "just a piece of cloth" is that from a Mechanistic, atheist World View, you're a talking bag of atoms, so what does it matter if I rearrange the atoms that make up your face when you defile what I consider sacred? Right? Everything is meaningless, just a collection of atoms in your cosmology. Civility, respect, honor are mere social constructs so let's burn whatever we will. At some point in ones life, one must DECIDE to stop being an offending, ignorant ass and think about what one can do to further society.

  4. george Χαριτος says:

    Can I ask you something I'm from Greece and I should like to join your army , is it possible or not?

  5. Siberia シベリア says:

    Спасибо! Еще раз посмотрел фильм "Добровольцы"!

  6. Alexander Grintz says:

    Thank you guys for everything! The left is now attacking you, they finally say what they thought of us men for decades, now the mask has slipped, the hate from the Neo-Marxists has gotten insane! The left says you, me, us display ‘Toxic Masculinity’, if you on top of being a hetero sexual man, also white, well in that case you are a monster to them, which they want to murder, we have to fight back and we have to do it now, those neo-marxist must be exposed, isolated and terminated, I mean it!

  7. ghostbear200123 says:

    SEMPER FI‼️🍻

  8. J P says:

    Keep invading foreign lands and oppressing foreign peoples, and God will grant you as many flags as you desire. What amazes me is how countless Americans can die for such unjust causes, and Americans still allow the wars to continue. Yall live the fallen so much that you let them keep falling.

  9. Seant Nguyen says:

    Semper Fi Marines

  10. Diaamndz says:

    I honestly dont understand why one would dislike this

  11. bcove90 says:

    these are the only boots i have any respect for.

  12. BatteryOperated says:

    Semper Fi Brothers.

  13. truman13 says:


  14. Gwe123 Gwe123 says:

    May god bless the fallen soldiers of America and may god bless America

  15. playboiityler says:

    Thank you to everybody that has served. 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  16. Michael Howe says:

    semper fi?

  17. DevilDogRambo says:

    Crazy how this video has very little words involved but knowing all the people that sacrificed their life for our freedom makes me cry.

  18. NCPDFSB says:

    god grieves when a soldier falls…… semper fi

  19. the kid that got eaten by a alligator says:

    Youtube celebrates women's day, and mothers day. What about memorial weekend?

  20. Semper Fi Devil dogs says:

    Semper Fidelis

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