Sean O’pry for GQ Spain 2017 (Interview + Behind The Scenes) HD

Great photoshooting and Interview at Spain, for GQ Spain March 2017.

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16 Responses

  1. BR M says:

    이 얼굴의 대체 어디가 퍼펙트하지 않은거지…..

  2. TingTing Li says:

    Always so humble! And I don't believe he's much better looking in pictures! I'm sure it's the opposite. 😉

  3. zz zz says:

    sucks he's aged badly – you can really see the effects of smoking

  4. Vile Bot says:

    he's so beautiful

  5. Redbougainvilia says:

    He makes it looks so easy and stylish.

  6. Julia Lewis says:

    no smoking! a very unattractive habit which will age his face badly!

  7. RobRossiFan says:

    he is gorgeous though his face is not perfect. f. example he has no cheekbones.

  8. Naomi N says:

    how does he look like this

  9. zehra zelis says:

    Sean O'pry

  10. Alice Van-Hoode says:

    1:14 Lana Winters!!! Lana! Lana, lana bo bana banana fanna fo fana
    Fee fy mo mana, lana!

  11. JanOzdemir says:

    thanks bro!)

  12. Paz Lerkasem says:

    He's amazing guy! both face and personality.
    I love him so much.

  13. Edward C2 says:

    Seems l Like a nice guy

  14. Maksim Krachenko says:

    Sean O'pry teach me

  15. Pricillia Tay says:

    Does he still have a thing for Tay? cause I ship them both

  16. Matt goodness says:

    I love you Sean 😍

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