That would be a git.

That would be a git.
how to grow beard faster naturally
Image by LHG Creative Photography
yup , tis I!

(just in case you thought I was a small black cat with a tongue issue- thats my pal chuckie)

Girlfriend took this one, bless her, its the best anyone ever made me look. I got fat after that, but have lost it again now. This being fat as fook and then slimming back again , rpt, rpt, keeps those wrinkles away. Its a gutbuckets secret to good looks, trade secret . lol. Also cut all the hair off in beween, but the legendary locks and beard will always grow back, and to prove it they have. Even though this pic was taken a good five years ago I still look basically the same, though perhaps a bit more purple round the eyes.

For those interested about how I lose weight , well, I do something only women don’t understand, which is to eat a bit less and move a bit more. Or eat mostly meat, which is something men do naturally anyway . Strangely enough we don’t feel compelled to eat chocolate and bread with everything, especially if we smoke.

If unemployed, just go to bed for most of a year, its easy and it works. For those who can’t do that, replace meals with a cigarette, or alternatively vodka, thats faster than anything else. Its suprisingly easy to diet once you drop all the self diagnosis bullshit. 😉 As Yoda said (lol) Do, or do not, there is no try.

My entire family ages pretty well, (with the exception of my sister, because frankly you’d rather pork me if you saw her) looking on average a good 10 -15 years younger than they really are, and then when we hit 65 we fall apart like a vampire in sunlight.

lolz, only kidding im not that insecure about my looks, as far as I’m concerned, I aint no oil painting but your average chubby girl would’nt kick me out of bed for farting , and thats good enough for me. At least nothing has fallen off yet.

If there is anything that bugs me, its the new nostril hairs, I must pull 20 a day, where the crap does it all come from? Better not spread to my ears.

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