Top 10 Important Albums in Hip Hop History

Some are a rapper’s delight, others are Straight Outta Compton. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Important Albums in Hip Hop History. For this list, we’re focusing on albums that made a significant impact on hip-hop culture and the music industry as whole. Click here to subscribe: or visit our channel page here: Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at 🙂

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20 Responses

  1. King James says:

    Where's All Eyez On Me????

  2. King JK says:

    The booty tape 💯💯

  3. William S. says:

    You might as well have Whodini's Escape and Fat Boys debut too.

  4. Leon Huff says:

    Paid in full should of been top 3, illmatic is over rated ( knock of version of Rakim) Ready 2 Die my favorite hip hop album though. Also I own all 3 of these on album so fuck off with the hate. I agree with #1 and this isn't a bad list but replace Paid in Full with Illmatic.

  5. Lucio Anything says:

    WHERE IS THE SCORE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  6. Michael Galster says:

    4:40 why u playin kill you over Stan. Wtf

  7. Unicow Nick says:

    Paid in full is way too low on the list, Rakim took rapping to a whole other level when people before him were doing rhymes that weren't as complex

  8. Jon Ryan says:

    It takes a nation is the most important followed by Paid in full, Madvilliany, Ryhme pays, 36 chambers, run dmc, Low end theory, 3ft hgh, illmatic, Radio.

  9. Khalid Seedat says:

    Should have included
    Hijack phantom of the opera
    Gangstarr step in the arena
    Ultramagnetic mcs the chorus line
    Epmd unfinished business

  10. Lolo Fofo says:

    Nas first album
    Mc shan first album
    Run DMC first album
    RAkim first album
    2pac first album

  11. ANGELO MAXIMUS says:

    My top 10 favorite albums in no order is, DMX is dark and hell is hot, LOX we are the streets, Dr DRE chronic, Wu Tang enter the 36 chambers, Rakwon BFCL,Nas illmatic, 2 pac all eyes on me,Biggie ready to die, 50 cent get rich or die trying, Jay Z reasonable doubt. You could just press play and let the whole CD ride!!!!

  12. Ahmed S says:

    Where 2pac album gone?! 😕

  13. Navajo Fresh says:

    Stop arguing of which ones was and werent on here. Just be glad lil yatchy or gucci mane arent on here

  14. albin hogstrom says:

    NWA on #5? Should be #2 and illmatic should definitely be #1!

  15. Edmilson Manguele says:

    Nas Ilmatic is definetly the most influential of them all. Real lyrics by #aRealNigga

  16. JHSandvik says:

    Run DMC is what 40 year old suburban white people consider to be "Real Hip Hop".

  17. Drake Marquez says:

    My dog 2pac should have more albums up on here.

  18. 5thDawg says:

    Makaveli the don Killuminati

  19. Reel Tork says:

    Siri: it doesnt matta what the rock and siri are up to!!

  20. knuftobor says:

    The title says "Important". Top selling does not equal Important. Mojo never fails to fail.

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