President Donald Trump Charlottesville Statement 8/12/17 Many Sides

President Donald Trump used the beginning of his news conference on the VA to address the situation. Noting that he was monitoring the events very closely, Trump then denounced the violence. But seemed to hedge on who was to blame for what occurred today:
“We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides, on many sides. It’s been going on for a long time in our country. Not Donald Trump, not Barack Obama, this has been going on for a long, long time.”President Donald Trump Charlottesville Statement 8/12/17
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20 Responses

  1. Henrik Silberstein says:

    DT the percentages in jobs etc. is NOT because you are POtus IT IS THE RESULT OF oBAMA….

  2. loveandlightanddisco says:

    Who is this goose???

  3. shiraz315 says:

    This man is politically: inexperienced, educationally: illiterate, mentally: ill and he deeply believes in racism.

  4. Deanne Smith I says:

    Can we just support our commander an chief while we are facing deadly threats with north Korea. Please for the sake our children. Usaf. Deanne Smith

  5. Vincent Alexander says:

    Did he really just use a tragic event as an excuse to praise himself? What a fucking joke

  6. OkItsJustSean says:

    Remember all of the times Trump encouraged violence against protesters at his rallies? So GTFO of here with this bad on both sides garbage and GTFO with this white supremacists have freedom of speech too. You people and your potus are ignorant.

  7. Muslim Kyrgyzstan says:

    America should be divided between Afroamerican , euroamericans an Asian- Hispanic americans and there will be no problems.

  8. Charles Clark says:

    All lies!

  9. Charles Clark says:

    This is what he said he wanted! Knock them down punch them out if they don't agree with you.

  10. mynume2015 Wholly says:

    Again this stupid orange bit** trying to brag instead of staying focused.Trump is the most ignorant creature I've ever seen

  11. mukhtar mohammed says:


  12. Culminatr says:

    He's definitely no President Obama. You believed President Obama because he (and his family) lived his words.

  13. Keny Linhe says:

    Putin hui

  14. Eliza Castro says:

    So beautiful your words, you are a sincere man and I salute you for who you are. God bless America!

  15. wannabe saint says:

    Thanks to Barry Sotero, Killary and demoncrats the nation is now divided. Looks like satan has a strong grip on the nation.

  16. Abundently Clear says:

    The Communists and despots took away the history of their nations, so that the citizens would not know their history. If you do not know your history, you are doomed to repeat it.

  17. smiley sunshine says:

    The problem is people want to imagine something they dreamed up that Trump is the reason why the world we live in is in so much destruction. No he isnt, it's people like over there in Virginia wanting to remove A statue that has been there for decades, people being offended by it. Well I get offender when so many places has street names named Martin Luther King, so many states and areas have these street names.

  18. smiley sunshine says:

    Great speech Mr.President. How come other Americans be so peaceful as him? This country was founded by our Fourfathers, heritage. Now you have ones destroying it, there is nothing wrong for ones protesting to keep the statue of a man according to history was the greatest soldier of all times. He is actually more popular than Mr.King

  19. Traciluv says:

    Dear Mr. Trump, it's not what you saying today, it's the rhetoric you spewed when you were campaigning. I am sure someone wrote this speech for you. This does not sound like the same person who just told the police to brutalize prisoners.

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