The Easy Way to Make Fresh Noni Juice

The Easy Way to Make Fresh Noni Juice

Noni juice has been credited with a vast array of benefits, including reducing pain, preventing cancer, alleviating diabetes, helping with memory and scaring away people who can’t stand the smell.

Today I share how to make fresh noni juice. Juicing noni fruit isn’t particularly easy as the pulp holds in the juice, so I add some water to the blender and blend up noni fruit, then push the fruit pulp through a sieve. You still get a thick noni juice this way, so it’s not good for you pulp-free aficionados, but it’s good juice.

Making noni juice only takes a few minutes for a small amount. I made over a gallon of fresh noni juice the evening I filmed this video and it took me about an hour. Using a juicer would probably work but I don’t have one. Other people juice noni by letting the fruit turn to mush on the counter, then pressing out the juice with a fork. That’s a little scarier, though noni seems to have a strange preservative effect which keeps it from spoiling like some fruit do. Even fruit flies don’t like eating noni.

I have gotten used to the taste and like it. Wikipedia claims it’s bitter but it isn’t – not really. The taste of noni is slightly sweet and cheesy – like a strong cheese – with black pepper undertones. Drinking noni juice is a unique experience but not a terrible one. I find it quite drinkable, though your mileage may vary. After you drink noni juice you feel healthy – it makes your whole body tingle. I’ve been drinking noni juice every day.

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20 thoughts on “The Easy Way to Make Fresh Noni Juice

  1. One should not use a blender, since the peel and seeds are toxic, you must smash them in a strainer with a spoon, or let it ferment in a jar.

  2. I've never tried this fruit but i've heard its terrible. Nonetheless, I like the name Noni so that's what I am naming my new cockatiel haha 🙂 He looks just like a noni fruit

  3. okay, question.. why is your noni white, in color and when I buy it from the health food store, mine is brown and it taste kinda like prunes.. at first the taste I didn't like, but like you said it grows on ya..

  4. Those frogs outside your place are crazy loud. I love it. Where are you? I heard them like that in Jamaica.

  5. I bought organic noni juice online because it's supposed to help with acid reflux, which it does. But man, ewwwww. The bottle said a dose is 2 tablespoons. Maybe one of those cases where more isn't necessary, thank God.

  6. Bet it taste like skittles that fell from the pocket of a fairy while riding a unicorn across a rainbow into a pool of melted chocolate with sprinkles on top!

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