#9 Golf Swings in a Car Park

#9 Golf Swings in a Car Park

After 2 weeks without uploading a vlog, this is how my gym training and Long Drive Golf training is looking. It’s 5 weeks until I compete at the LDWS in London.

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16 thoughts on “#9 Golf Swings in a Car Park

  1. Top video James. I’ve been into weightlifting for years and am just getting into golf yet to break 100. Used your workout this morning changing up with supersets, smashed me to bits… 9 holes after work later.

    Good work enjoying your content 👍🏻

  2. Your journey inspired me to improve on getting the driver to swing faster.
    My goal is not to be a Long Drive but I believe that if I can gain an extra 50 yards off the tee I am able to enjoy golf more.

    Maybe a future video on what to do in a gym to improve your swing speed.

  3. Are you watching yourself on camera while you speak? That can add to self consciousness. Try framing the shot and then just forget about the camera and let ‘er rip. Cheers from California

  4. Nice video James, how did you get on? I was working in store but we was crazy busy so didn't get to see your distances

  5. Nice video… I have been back in the gym and I'm trying gain some explosiveness. I really enjoy your workout routines and try to add some into my workouts. Really helpful. Thanks. Keep it up!

  6. For helping you keep on track and train of thought through a video you should try and get a little note and put it behind the camera so that you're always looking at the camera and you've got everything you want to talk about right in front of you at the same time. Looking forwards to you progressing bud.

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