China’s GDP Does Not Reflect the State of Its Economy I Fortune

China’s GDP Does Not Reflect the State of Its Economy I Fortune

Michael Pettis, Peking University finance professor, explains

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20 thoughts on “China’s GDP Does Not Reflect the State of Its Economy I Fortune

  1. Michael is an idiot shill. Over thinking and not understanding what's really going on in China. China manages it's investments like no other country and have the largest foreign reserves which they can call back at anytime. Over 3 trillion foreign reserves can certainly buy you a whole lot of leverage and respect from the world.

  2. Good to hear profressor from Peking University has different opinon (put negative side of China) not matter he is right or wrong

  3. China collapse every year for one week, during that period people don’t work, factories stop, people just stay home doing nothing.

  4. Actually China GDP is also internally driven by the active economy of the people everything added together. If this is so, China real GDP is in fact higher than 7 %.

  5. China will be the next Russia as there is no freedom.What about killing (Tien mein un square – forget ?) in 1990's.

  6. 80s and 90s china have a growth rate of 12%,,now its average growth rate is 6.7%,,clearly china is slowing down..china is slowly stagnating.

  7. the high saving rate indeed allows the bank to lend more loans, but how can the borrower pay them back in future, if there is no consumption activites in the sociaty, which reflected by GDP?

  8. based on your prediction (or hypothesis), why china hasn't collapsed yet? something is wrong here, either you are too stupid to predict anything right or you just too unhappy to see china doing well. morons!

  9. Forget about what economists or "experts" say. To measure how a country's economy is really doing, there're two hard yard sticks: 1) that country's total domestic retail scale, and 2) how many of that country's citizens are traveling around the world and spending real cold cash abroad.

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