16 thoughts on “Dead Malls – The Greendale Mall – Worcester, MA

  1. "Maybe they should sell some of the water they catch in that bucket to whack away at their debt a little bit" LMFAOOO

  2. I miss Greendale. I remember back in the good old days when Greendale was lit. It had such nice stores to the point I favored Greendale over Auburn. Auburn is dying out too so… the Worcester area is basically screwed.

  3. It's A Great Mail If Only They Has Money To Fix It .. I Like Going To Best Buy & Big Lots Don't Really Go Into The Other Stores That Often Unless I'm Bored And Need To Waste Time Before A Meeting Close By

  4. And another mall bits the dust, Come on sing along. And another one,and another one bits the dust.There riping our city apart. Why should they care they don't have to live here. You know it's like someone coming into your house without asking you, then change all your furniture all around then paint your walls a different color. The way I see it, this is our home, not theirs. They keep on saying they're doing this to draw people into Worcester, but we do have plenty of drugs, guns, hookers, gangs and lawyers. Oh and let's not forget barrooms and nightclubs………. And thats the way I see it.
    Don't get me wrong I love Worcester, but it's like watching an old friend dieing right in front of me.http://www.facebook.com/worcester1963

  5. That's too bad. You'd think Greendale would have gotten a boost when the Worcester Commons closed. I actually visited that mall once in 2005 as it was near the MBTA station. If I knew it was going to close soon I would have spent more time there.
    Promise not to laugh? Greendale's website STILL lists Aeropostale as a tenant.

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