Dragonball Super – Orchestra of Justice [Perfect Quality Recreation]

Dragonball Super – Orchestra of Justice [Perfect Quality Recreation]

Dragonball Super - Orchestra of Justice [Perfect Quality Recreation]

Redid my first recreation bros, it now sounds 99% like the original ^^ The changes are:
– altered the orchestral instruments to sound a little more HQ and closer to the original
– found the original Synth Guitar Loop at 0:27, this part is now 100% like the original

A LOT more Dragonball Super recreations coming, I was sick for the past few days and my left ear is kinda hurting, but I’m raring to finish ’em 🙂

Disclaimer: These are NOT the official tracks, but instrumental recreations, remasters, remixes etc, made by me based on the original work of Norihito Sumitomo, a composer I deeply respect.
Re-uploads are NOT allowed, nor are extended versions, mash-ups or nightcore version. Animations, theory videos, gameplay videos, transformative remixes etc are all allowed as long as you add proper credit 🙂

Original theme by: Norihito Sumitomo
Recreation by me ^^
Norihito Sumitomo, I LOVE your work man!!!

Credit for the amazing art: http://bardocksonic.deviantart.com/art/Black-Goku-Aura-620648170 (Check him out!!)

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20 thoughts on “Dragonball Super – Orchestra of Justice [Perfect Quality Recreation]

  1. Luz de la justicia!!!! Regresa a mi!! Un dios que no puede acabar con el mal no sirve de nada!!!

  2. imagine if goku black fought jiren… He would immediately get used to jirens power and have a HUGE zenkai boost. Damn, goku black was indeed… Dangerous.

  3. It's about time Earthling. You've been running around making my music for too long and now I'm going to choke the life from you. I can't wait to watch you die.

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