How to be grunge

How to be grunge

Hey guys! Hannah here, letting you know how to incorporate grunge into your lifestyle the way I do on a day to day basis!

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20 thoughts on “How to be grunge

  1. people here being like “gRuNgE iS mUsIc” hip hop is music but still is a style, country is music and a style, emo is a music but a style, etc.. Words can have multiple meanings, stop hating just because you don’t like the way she’s living her life.

  2. Oh for those of you that were grunge…lol… back then….holla- these youngbuckd d ont know. But it's cool there trying to work our shit

  3. This is halarious…HOLY jeans, a t shirt. An army jacket and combats boots. That's how grunge clothing started
    Girls dress a tad different than the guys. You dont tell people make sure you have attitude. People with attitude SUCK- Kurt Cobain was a sweet guy. Do your research b4 you try to reach anything

  4. "Scrunch it up so my hair looks messy" hun your hair looks like you spent three hours in the bathroom just to do that.

  5. Want to be "grunged" 1. don't give a fuck 2. get into drugs 3. leech off everyone 4. be homeless 5. don't use the word "grunge" ever

  6. Grunge isn't a life style wtf is a music style I play grunge it's my favorite so please just don't do it

  7. Wow, everyone is so mean in the comments! This is just her interpretation of the "grunge style", it doesnt mean that its right or wrong, its just what she likes to wear as her style, which happens to fit the "grunge style" category better than something like "hippy" or "preppy".

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