20 Replies to “Kanye West shocks the world with his love for Trump and Candace Owens”

  1. all the president are the same they each figure out different ways to take from the poor defending anyone of them shows problems

  2. This is has to be some philosophical type mood he is, but Karceno go get you boy. When was the last time he spent a month or more in Chicago?

  3. Black conservation, what the heck are black people conserving? Black people do not own, operate, or control the Nations wealth, so what the hell are black people conserving. Are they conserving white supremacy? Are they conserving young black men being thrown into jail? Sounds like a bunch of black people wishing they were slaves.

  4. Nigga you are easy to be controlled. The Democratic Party is doing everything you say about propaganda and brainwashing….Reeling in the black community and manipulating us because of our struggles. That brainwashing shit works both ways.

  5. A black man thinks for himself. And people are outraged. Just like the white slavemasters who wanted to control how black people think. The Democratic Party is trying to do the same thing.

  6. You are absolutely right. Diddy, 50 Cent, & a lot of other celebrities are republicans. They just make their money off of the poor.????????????! They vote for Trump!

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