The Jigsaw “Puzzle Maker” Secrets of How To Make Quality Puzzles by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company

The Jigsaw “Puzzle Maker” Secrets of How To Make Quality Puzzles by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company

The Jigsaw “Puzzle Maker”, Allegra Vernon, shares her secrets of how to make a quality jigsaw puzzle. Jigsaw puzzles are not magically transformed from image to pieces simply by sending a pretty image to the cutting press. From discovering quality workmanship, to cleaning the images, using random cut engineering, and the attention to details it takes a lot of work to turn images into crisp, vibrant jigsaw puzzles and that includes making the box look good!

Made in North America, Cobble Hill Puzzle Company produces quality jigsaws that are sold through independent retailers worldwide and also with online jigsaw puzzle retailers.

The jigsaw puzzle was originally created in 1760 by John Spillsbury, a London mapmaker. To cut an image that was painted on wood, he used a tool known as a jigsaw or jig saw; thus the name!

Cobble Hill’s most popular piece count is our 1000 piece puzzle. However, we produce piece counts from 60 piece kids puzzles to adult puzzles with 2000 pieces. In the video, Allegra speaks about unique offerings which include, “Easy Handling Puzzles” (275 large pieces) and “Family Puzzles” (400 small, medium, and large sized pieces) as well as how quality puzzles are made.

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20 thoughts on “The Jigsaw “Puzzle Maker” Secrets of How To Make Quality Puzzles by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company

  1. Go to woodprix website if you'd like to know how to build it. Good solutions for everyone I think

  2. My son wants to make a puzzle to ask his sweetheart to his first Homecoming dance. How long do orders take in receiving?

  3. Do you have an email that I can speak to Allegra. I would like to talk to her about getting my art onto puzzles. Thank you…
    or do you have a phone number.

  4. Hi can you offer some advice Ive started making small jigsaws for my kids as a hobby but when it come to gluing the print to the card or the wrap to the box it warps a lot. Is there any advice you could offer?

  5. Never came to an very intriguing video before, glad i was interested enough to search this up, Thank you!

  6. Thanks for the interesting video. I never realised that the images were changed so much when digitised but it certainly gives a much brighter picture! The family puzzles, random cut and texture are all really nice features that I haven't seen in a puzzle in the UK before!

    Out of interest, I'm only used to ribbon cut puzzles, but do you know if every single piece has a slightly unique shape? Sometimes pieces fit, but not quite and that's when I know it's wrong and this got me wondering.

    I'm currently working on a Family Christmas scene from a double sided limited edition puzzle from Waddingtons that hasn't been out the jig roll and completed since 1995 when it was bought!

    The shot with all of the ice creams must have been interesting, how did you shoot this without them all melting?

  7. She never "did" a puzzle. Try some European puzzles, like Ravensburger, Trefl or Clmentoni. Enjoy.

  8. Thanks for posting its very interesting to see the level of work and dedication that goes into creating such beautiful quzzles! Out of curiosity are your puzzles laser or ink jet printed? Kevin

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